• Goats - Colchester Zoo

    A Day at Colchester Zoo

    September 15, 2019

    On the 5th of September Jaz and I had a day at Colchester Zoo for his 27th birthday. I’d never been to Colchester Zoo before and the last time Jaz went he was a very small child so we were both pretty excited. The zoo was absolutely massive, probably one of the biggest zoos I’d…

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  • To Kill a Kindom Alexandra Christo

    To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo Book Review

    September 11, 2019

    If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid and dark tales then this could be a book for you. To Kill a Kingdom focuses on both Lira, a siren princess who each year on her birthday has to kill and steal a human heart, and Elian, a prince of a golden island who longs to…

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  • Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette

    Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette Review

    September 8, 2019

    It’s been quite some time since a palette has made me squeal and exclaim ‘OMG IT’S SO PRETTY!’ and that’s exactly what the Sigma Beauty Enchanted Palette did

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