ABH Electric Cake Liners Review

June 17, 2020
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Electric Cake Liners Review

Summer is practically here, even though it may not feel like it. While holidays and festivals have been cancelled that hasn’t stopped makeup brands bringing out their fun, bright and bold products! We all know I love vibrant makeup looks. So when Anastasia Beverly Hills brought out the Electric Cake Liners I was super intrigued.

Having never tried cake liners before I was definitely out of my comfort zone here. But, I was very excited to give them a go and create some fun, creative looks with them.

About the ABH Electric Cake Liners

From the Anastasia Beverly Hills website:

‘Steal the spotlight at your next festival with shockingly bright color. NORVINA® Electric Cake Liners by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a trio of water-activated cake makeup loaded with vivid, opaque color for pro-quality face and body painting. These high-definition, glycerin-based paints deliver long-wearing intense color that packs a punch. Simply moisten a brush or sponge, dip into the color and apply for a versatile amount of looks, from fine detailed lines to full-body art.’ 


  • £31
  • 2 colour sets
  • 3 shades in each set
  • Water-activated
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free


I actually love the packaging of the Electric Cake Liners. They definitely stand out and catch your attention with how bright they are. The trio stack reflects each colour of the liners well and they’re just a lot of fun overall. I would’ve expected nothing less for neon liners than bold, eye-catching packaging.

These liners are also very compact and super easy to carry around and travel with. I think the idea behind them was to just throw them in your bag for a festival. With a magnetic closure, they’re pretty safe to carry loose in your bag. And as they’re water-activated, in theory, they should dry out so there’s no risk of spilling or smudging.

ABH Electric Cake Liners


I chose the Electric Cake Liners over the Neon Cake Liners as I was definitely drawn to these shades more. As pretty as the Neon liners look I don’t think I’ll be picking them up as the only colour I’m interested in is the orange shade. The three shades you get in the Electric Cake Liners are:

  • Electric Pink
  • Electric Yellow
  • Electric Lime

These shades are blindingly bright and beautiful. Perfect for any summer events once we’re allowed out again. There wasn’t one shade that I was drawn to more. I loved them all!

As you can tell from the pictures below I got a little too excited and dived right in before taking pictures. So they are a little used haha.

ABH Electric Cake Liners

ABH Electric Cake Liners

ABH Electric Cake Liners Tutorials

Here are three looks I’ve created using the Electric Cake Liners.

I used the electric pink shade to create this look, which was the first look I attempted with them. They were a little tricky for me to start with, especially as I didn’t have the right brush with me. But, I think it turned out well in the end and the pink is definitely bright and noticeable.

ABH Electric Cake Liners

For my second look, I wanted to create an ombre style wing using all 3 shades. Again, without having the right kind of brush at hand this was a little tricky. They can also be quite messy to work with. I thought this look would be perfect for when you’re on holiday. Picture a tropical island, cocktails on the beach and super relaxing day ahead.

ABH Electric Cake Liners

Lastly, I created this little green graphic liner which was super easy to do and looked really cool. The neon liner certainly stands out and makes the whole look that extra bit special.

My Final Thoughts on the ABH Electric Cake Liners

Overall I’ve had loads of fun playing with these liners and I really like the looks I’ve created with them. For me, they were a tad difficult to get used to. The only brush I had was an angled wing liner brush but I think for these you need a fine liner brush. Unfortunately, that brush is at another house and I can’t exactly pop over to get it at the moment. But, once I do have that brush I think they’d be a lot easier to apply.

The shades are just as pigmented on the eye as they are in the pan. To use them you simply have to dip your brush in water or spray it with a setting spray/mist first, then pick up the colour with your brush and apply it to your eyes, or wherever you want to apply it. The website says to allow the products to fully dry before storing. But, I’ve found that they don’t dry completely. They’re always still a little tacky. 

I’ve seen a lot of reviews say that this particular trio set smells bad but I haven’t noticed any kind of smell with them. I wasn’t even aware this was a thing until I read some reviews. They seem perfectly fine to me. 

I am definitely very happy with these eyeliners and I think they’re pretty good value for money, 3 eyeliners for £31. I’m not sure how long they will last though. I have a feeling you could hit pan on them quite quickly. Still, they are very fun to play around with and take your makeup looks to the next level. Plus, these shades are blacklight activated so when bars start to open again you can be sure I’ll be wearing them on nights out!

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments if you own the Electric Cake Liners or are thinking about buying them. While you’re here don’t forget to subscribe to Beauty and the Bookshelves. You can also follow me on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!


  • Kari ♡

    June 18, 2020 at 5:03 pm

    Woah, these look so amazing to play with and I love your eye looks you created!

  • Mimi

    June 19, 2020 at 9:00 pm

    These are absolutely amazing, I need to check all the colours they have, I do love the red and the yellow but I don’t think I’d use them enough

    1. Hollie

      June 22, 2020 at 9:17 pm

      They are really amazing! They also do purple, orange and white which are super pretty shades. ?

  • elliemaytaylor

    June 20, 2020 at 11:24 am

    These look amazing and your eye looks are gorgeous!x

    1. Hollie

      June 22, 2020 at 9:18 pm

      Thank you!! They’re a lot of fun to play with ?

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