Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Review

June 20, 2020
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Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Review and Tutorials

Beauty Bay recently released The Pastels Palette just in time for summer and I snapped it up pretty quickly! Having never owned or used pastel shades before I was pretty excited. Especially after seeing so many pastel looks over Instagram and Pinterest to far this year. Normally, I prefer bright, bold colours but there’s just something about the pretty, subdued pastel shades that really draw me in.

I hope you all enjoy this full review of the Beauty Bay Pastels Palette! And, I have 3 mini tutorials using the palette right at the end of this post.

About The Pastels Palettes

From Beauty Bay:

Embrace the dreamy pastel trend with our compact pressed pigment palette. The Pastels Palette features eight of the prettiest pastel hues you need to indulge your softer side and indulge your obsession. The velvety mattes have a pigment-rich formula with a seamlessly blendable texture and major staying power for looks even more euphoric than the last.


  • £10
  • 8 Shades
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free


The packaging for the Beauty Bay Pastels Palette definitely has that wow factor! Made from cardboard the outside of the palette has a pretty pastel ombre design which is also reflected on the box that the palette comes in too. Inside it features a mirror which is always a handy little feature and a holographic glitter effect. While this is the smallest eyeshadow palette Beauty Bay have, the pans inside are actually larger than their standard palettes. Under each pan, the shade name is written in a rainbow coloured effect which is super pretty.

It feels like a pretty decent quality palette and it’s a really nice size making it great to travel with. I love bright colours and palettes that really stand out so I am a fan of this packaging.

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Shades

The Pastels Palette contain 8 pretty pastel shades.

  • Cloud Free – Sky blue
  • Euphoria – Lilac purple
  • Daze – Turquoise green
  • First Light – Bright yellow
  • Golden Hour – Orange
  • Serenity – Lime green
  • Lovesick – Pink toned purple
  • Day Dream – Lavender purple

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette

First Impressions

When I first opened the palette I was actually surprised at how vibrant the shades looked. I was expecting something a lot more toned down. They definitely look different in the pan compared to when they’re swatched or on the eye. Still, all the shades were stunning and I was especially drawn to the yellow, blue and purple. I couldn’t wait to create some pretty pastel looks!

The shadows in this palette definitely feel different to other Beauty Bay palettes I own. These had a very chalky feel to them and I feel the shadows in their other palettes are just higher quality. But, at just £10 I can’t really complain! They all swatched really well and were shockingly pigmented for a pastel palette. They definitely do apply differently on the eyes though, it took quite a lot of build-up before I could really see any colour payoff. Because of this, I feel like I’ll hit pan on them pretty soon, already I can see I’ve made a dent in the lavender shade.

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Tutorials

So I’ve created 3 different looks using this palette. Again, because I’m so use to ultra-bold, ultra-pigmented shadows it took me a little while to get used to. But, I had a lot of fun playing with it and I think the looks came out really pretty. It’s such an ideal palette for spring/summer.

For the first look, I immediately dove into the blue shade. I did use the Urban Decay Original Primer Potion under this look which really helped to bring the pigment out. I also used the shade Day Dream, which is the lilac, for the centre of my lid and Lovesick in the inner corner of my eye. All of the shades blended really nicely and looked great together. It did need quite a bit of building, even under the primer but I was happy with the overall look.

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Tutorial

For my second look I decided to skip the primer and as you can tell from the picture below the shades are definitely a bit more subtle. Again I used the shade Day Dream for the outer corner and then used First Light for my lid and inner corner. These shadows are super matte and I thought this was a really quick and simple but pretty makeup look.

Euphoria – Lilac purple

For my third and final look, I used the shade Daze for the outer corner. Of all the shades I’d used so far, this was the least pigmented and it took quite a bit of work. I also thought it looked a little patchy too. Then I used the lavender and the pink shade again. I think those two and the blue shade are probably my favourites. I also added some white eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

Beauty Bay The Pastels Palette Tutorial

Final Thoughts

Overall I am a little conflicted. Don’t get me wrong, the palette is beautiful and I love the looks I’ve created with it. I’ll definitely be using it a lot in the spring and summer. And I imagine it’d be a great palette to take on holiday too for a little pop of colour on my eyes. But, it’s not perfect. It does have a few issues.

It is a very powdery/chalky palette and there was a bit of fallout which was hard to notice at first as the shades are all very subtle. Also, the shades are much more pigmented in the pans and when I swatched them than they are on the eye. Obviously this is a pastel palette so I wasn’t expecting major pigment, but I think I would’ve liked it more if they looked more like the swatches.

At only £10 though it is a very nice little palette and I don’t regret buying it at all. I think the shades are all very pretty and I’m excited to keep creating looks with it. It’s just taking me a little while to get used too.

Do you own the Beauty Bay Pastel Palette? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Mimi

    June 20, 2020 at 10:55 pm

    It actually looks very pretty, but if they don’t look good on the eyes it’s a pass for me too.

    1. Hollie

      June 22, 2020 at 9:18 pm

      It is a pretty palette, just not as good as their other ones as it can be pretty tricky to work with.

  • marsybun

    June 21, 2020 at 5:02 am

    These are soooo pretty! I don’t usually use pastels but I’m looking to try! Also for the price, it’s a great palette and the pans are huge x

    ? Marissa Belle × ?

    1. Hollie

      June 22, 2020 at 9:20 pm

      They are very pretty shades! So good for spring and summer. ? Yeah I couldn’t believe it was £10!

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