Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation Review

August 17, 2018
Becca foundation

Whenever I decide to try a new foundation it’s usually because Nikki Tutorials has recommended it. I love a full coverage foundation just as much as she does. When she raved about the Becca Ultimate Coverage foundation I ordered it immediately. I’ve never tried a Becca product before so had no idea what to expect but I was hoping to be blown away!


Becca foundation

Description from Space NK

Get red carpet ready in moments with Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation. An oil-free, light, and breathable liquid foundation that creates a polished look at any time of the day or night.

Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation is a full coverage liquid foundation that looks and feels weightless and boasts all-day water-resistant wear. Easily concealing imperfections and blemishes, this foundation works hard to minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines, and dark circles, leaving the complexion soft and utterly flawless.

Smoothed onto the skin, this foundation is enriched with colour correcting pigments, which help fair to dark skin to look its best. Every skin type and tone are covered across the brand’s various shades.


  • £32
  • 24 shades
  • Oil-free formula
  • Cruelty-free
  • 30 ml of product


Becca foundation

The packaging for this foundation is very simple. A rounded bottle with the Becca logo and foundation name on the bottom, complete with a chrome lid and a pump which is easy to use and stays clean. While it doesn’t really stand out and isn’t the prettiest of bottles I do like the design and feel like it looks quite high end.

First Impressions

I had to order this online which is a risky move. Luckily Space NK has a very handy tool that allows you to select the foundation and shade you’re currently using and then suggests which shade is right for you in the new foundation. They suggested Cashmere for me which was the perfect shade and matched me better than the Kat Von D one.

It has a thick consistency to it which is always good in my books. I used two pumps which covered my entire face and it really does deserve the full coverage label! I didn’t need to use a concealer with this foundation as it easily covered all of my scarring and gave a nice natural looking healthy glow. The finish was perfect for my oily to combination skin, not too matte but not horribly dewy either. I do use a primer with it every day and usually set it with powder for work, but I would happily leave the house on weekends without powdering.

It does have a strange scent to it, almost paint-like, which is quite strong and took some getting used to. But once applied to my face I can’t smell anything. Personally, I don’t think it feels heavy on the skin but then I am used to full coverage foundations. It was comfortable for me to wear all day at work and didn’t leave me with a greasy feeling at the end of the day.

This foundation claims to last for 24 hours. While I didn’t keep it on for that long my makeup is on for a good 13/14 hours per day. I apply my makeup at around 6am and then don’t get home to take it off until around 7-8pm. It had worn off a little in places where I had touched my face throughout the day but overall it still looked really good and I hadn’t needed to touch it up. I could easily have gone out to a bar or somewhere and still be happy with how my skin looked.

As you can tell I have quite a bit of scarring I need to cover up.

In the picture above I only have the foundation on. No concealer or powder so I’m very pleased with the way it looks.

Overall Thoughts

This is tough for me to say but…I think I’ve found a new holy grail! This foundation has wonderful coverage, excellent staying power and I find it doesn’t crease around my smile lines as much as previous foundations I’ve tried does. The colour is perfect and I don’t need to use a lot to get my ideal amount of coverage. Foundation is something I always believe you should splurge in as it’s the most important part of makeup, in my opinion. So I don’t have an issue spending £32. Plus since I don’t use concealer while wearing this foundation I save money there!

I will definitly be re-purchasing this again when I run out. If you have oily to combination skin and work long hours then I highly recommend you try the Becca Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation. I’m so impressed by the quality of this foundation and really want to try some other products from Becca. If you have any recommendations then please let me know in the comments!

Have you tried this foundation? Or are you thinking about it?


  • ellieslondon

    August 18, 2018 at 11:17 am

    This looks so good! I am always looking for a good full coverage foundation for oily/combo skin as I have really bad pigmentation and scars on my face. #NeedToTryIt x

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