Glossybox June 2021 Unboxing

June 23, 2021
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Glossybox June 2021 Unboxing

This month, the theme for Glossybox June 2021 was ‘Dreaming of Paradise’ and contained 5 beauty treats all designed to help get ready for summer! From the sneak peeks we’d received during the month, I wasn’t too enthused by the contents. But, I was still looking forward to seeing what else was in the box.

Here’s everything I got this month:

Nip + Fab Vitamin C Scrub Fix 

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Nip + Fab over the years but have never tried anything from them myself. Worth £12.95, this facial scrub is infused with vitamin C, coffee seed extract and coconut oil and claims to leave your skin looking bright and radiant. I’ve used it a couple of times and it seems like a good enough scrub but I have other products I prefer and will continue to use and buy instead.

Glossybox june 2021

Mitchell & Peach English Leaf Body Oil 

Worth £23 the Mitchell & Peach’s English Leaf Body Oil offers a fresh, fruity scent that’s perfect for summer. With ingredients such as almond oil and vitamin E, this body oil will supposedly leave your skin soft and smooth. Body oil isn’t something I typically use. It’s just not something for me. But, the Glossybox Instagram posted a video on 5 different ways to use so maybe I’ll give some of those a go. 

Glossybox june 2021

The Beauty Crop Oui Cherie Lip Oil 

This was, hands-down, my favourite item in the box. It smelled incredible, left my lips feeling super soft and it really enhanced their natural colour too which was a surprise. Worth £13, this oil is non-sticky, easy to apply and layer and comes in the cutest packaging. I thought it’d be great for the summer months for a natural, no-makeup makeup look. Sadly though, after one use, I seem to have misplaced it. Literally cannot find it anywhere. Pretty sure my cats knocked it off my desk and rolled it somewhere that I can’t see. I really hope I can find it though as it was such a great product.

Glossybox june 2021

Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo 

This wasn’t the most exciting product as it’s something I buy on a regular basis anyway. But, it’s handy to have and won’t go to waste. The deluxe mini size is worth £1.60 and does a great job of giving my hair a boost. With a lovely, floral scent to it, it’s perfect to use in-between hair wash days.

Glossybox june 2021

Cetraben Cream 

There were multiple different options for the two deluxe mini products and I was a little disappointed to receive the Cetraben Cream, worth £2.99, as it’s not something I’m ever going to use. My skin is not dry in the slightest. And this cream is mainly designed for those who suffer from eczema. I would’ve much rather received the Christophe Robin Cleansing volumising paste with pure rassoul clay and rose extracts or the Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt. This product will instead be going to my husband who suffers from dry skin.

Glossybox june 2021

Taylor’s Of Harrogate Coffee Bag

The Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee bags was an extra little treat thrown in but as I don’t drink coffee it wasn’t anything to be excited about. Some days I really wish I did like coffee as I could definitely use it to perk myself up. But, I literally can’t stand the taste or the smell. Even iced coffee just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t like tea either, which is a real embarrassment being British and all. As there’s no one I can give this too it will likely just be thrown away.

Glossybox june 2021

Total Value of Box: £53.54

Unfortunately, this has been my least favourite box of the year so far. There just weren’t any products I was overly excited about or would even use. The lip oil was by far the best product in the box and I went ahead and lost the bloody thing! But, the sneak peek for July looks a bit more promising as it’s a bronzer which I’m already excited to try. So, hopefully, July’s box will make up for this one.

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