Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette Review

March 17, 2021
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Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette Review and Tutorials

After I got my very first Pat McGrath palette, the Divine Rose II Palette, for Christmas, I couldn’t resist treating myself to another! I was drawn to the Celestial Divinity Palette thanks to its amazing range of shimmer shades and picked it up in January. Today, I’ll be sharing with you all my thoughts on the palette, whether I think it’s worth it and 3 mini tutorials using a variety of shades from it.

About the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

From the Pat McGrath website:

“Prepare for an eye-stravaganza with Pat McGrath’s first-ever MTHRSHP MEGA palette starring a treasure trove of 18 seductive shades. With this alluring array of glitter, shimmer, matte and iridescent shadows, you’re ready to embark on infinite eye fantasies ranging from the subliminal to the sublime to the subversive. Let makeup majorness ensue with 12 cult-classic pigments directly from the LABS vault – vivid purples, glamorous greens and mesmerising metallics – along with six never-before-slayed hues. Ignite artistry at its most exquisite with this couture-colour collection”


  • £74
  • 18 shades
  • 10 glitter/shimmers
  • 3 mattes
  • 5 duochrome glitters

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Shades

Top Row:

  • Saturnalia – Chromatic Crimson with Pink Flash.
  • Bronze Nebula – Metallic Golden Bronze.
  • Major Mahogany – Warm Mahogany Matte.
  • Lunar Champagne – Warm Champagne Shimmer.
  • Violet Void – Deepened Violet with Pink Flash.
  • Gold Standard – Luminous 24kt Gold.

Middle Row:

  • Venomous Void – Mid-tone Magenta Matte.
  • Odyssey – Lilac Taupe With Pink Sparkle.
  • Fuchsia Shock – Fuchsia Purple Shimmer.
  • Megabyte – Deepened Khaki Green Shimmer.
  • Bronze – Brilliant Metallic Bronze.
  • Electron – Duochrome Rose Bronze with a Glittering Blue Flash.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

Bottom Row

  • CosmiK – Duochrome Diamond Sparkle Pink.
  • Smoked Amethyst – Blackened Aubergine with Pink Sparkle.
  • Dragonfly – Duochrome Warm Gold Metallic with Blue Green Flash.
  • Venusian Orchid – Matte Mid-tone Pink.
  • Galactic Gold – Duochrome Platinum with Golden Chartreuse Flash.
  • Corruption – Duochrome Fiery Bronze.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette


Like with all Pat McGrath palettes, the packaging is pretty extra. Made of cardboard with an ornate, pink and gold design on the front and the company logo in the corners, it’s a very stand-out type of palette. Part of the reason why this palette was vastly cheaper than the others though, is because of the packaging. While still super luxe, it’s not as extravagant as the other palettes which usually come in sleek, bulky boxes. Still, it’s very pretty and well made and includes a large mirror too.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

The shade names are included on the back of the packaging too which I appreciated and prefer to the plastic cover that usually comes inside the palette with the names on.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

First Impressions

As you’ll no doubt be able to tell from the pictures below, I was way too impatient to wait and take pictures before diving in. This palette is stunning! With so many vibrant and unique shades to choose from, I knew creating looks with it would be a lot of fun. The shades all swatches like a dream and were extremely pigmented. There’s a reason why Pat McGrath shadows are so raved about. They’re of such unbelievably high-quality! I was immediately drawn to the very first shade. The bright, red glitter was unlike anything I’ve owned before. But the green shimmer, the gold glitters and of course, the amazing duochromes also grabbed my attention.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

The shades did have a lot of different textures. Some were smooth and buttery while others were a little rougher which I assumed was due to more glitter content rather than being straight shimmers. I found the matte shades were a little patchy and needed building up much more.

3 Mini Tutorials

As always, I’ve created 3 looks using only this palette and a range of shades. So far, I’ve loved every single look I’ve created and have been wowed by the pigmentation, how easy they were to blend and how smooth and vibrant the glitters are.

Look 1:

For the first look, I used Major Mahogany on the outer corners and blended this into my crease. I then applied Megabyte on the lid and added Dragonfly in the centre of the lid for a lighter shimmer.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

Look 2:

For the second look, I used Venusian Orchid as a transition shade and then darkened the outer corners and crease with Venomous Void. For the centre of the lid, I used Bronze Nebula.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

Look 3:

For the third and final look, I started with Major Mahogany on the outer corners. Then I applied Saturnalia to the centre of the lid and blended this into Major Mahogany. For the inner corners, I used Lunar Champagne.

Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

Final Thoughts on the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Palette

If you’re wanting to try out a Pat McGrath palette but aren’t sure which one to get or don’t want to spend an absolute fortune, then I’d really recommend this one. While it is expensive at £74, it’s definitely worth the money considering what you get. 18, high-quality shades that are extremely versatile. I was very confused as to why this palette was more affordable compared to her other palettes. But, it’s simply down to the packaging and the fact that the pans are slightly smaller than the others. Although, you’re still getting a decent amount of eyeshadow with each pan being 1.1 g.

I think it’s such a great year-round palette that can be used for some quick everyday makeup or a more glamourous look. The shades blend wonderfully together, you can create a wide range of looks, the colours are all so gorgeous and unique too. I literally don’t have a bad word to say about it. When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, Pat McGrath knows just what she’s doing!

I hope you all enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments if you have this palette or any other Pat McGrath products. While you’re here don’t forget to subscribe to Beauty and the Bookshelves. You can also follow me on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest too. Thanks for reading!


  • Chanelle

    March 18, 2021 at 7:10 am

    I purchased this in February with a gift card from my brother for my birthday! I love the variety of shades and how versatile they are. I’m liking playing with this for work and I saw a YouTube review saying these palette isn’t good for everyday wear but I beg to differ, I’ve done looks for work that are wearable and it’s easy to apply one of the mattes all over the lid and in the crease and one of the shimmers/duochromes over top. You can create more dramatic looks too and have fun! The darker purples confuse me a little and keep me wondering how to use them haha x

    1. Hollie

      March 19, 2021 at 12:48 pm

      The shades are all so pretty and definitely versatile. Oh yeah I think it’s great for everyday wear! There’s such a great range you can go from everyday to glam so easily with this palette. I haven’t used those shades either yet for the same reason haha they’re super pretty though, just need to play with them more ?

  • katieemmabeauty

    March 20, 2021 at 1:49 pm

    Those swatches are AMAZING and those looks you created are so beautiful!

    Katie |

    1. Hollie

      March 24, 2021 at 7:18 pm

      Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful palette! ?

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