Best Christmas Adverts of 2019

December 11, 2019
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Every year I look forward to the Christmas TV adverts and this year was no exception. After we got some brilliant, festive adverts last year, the iconic Sainsburys plug, for example, I had high expectations this year! So, here are the best Christmas adverts of 2019, in my opinion:

John Lewis

The John Lewis Christmas advert is always a big event! I don’t know one person who doesn’t look forward to seeing it for the first time each year. This year features Edgar the excitable dragon and it is too cute! Funny and heartwarming this advert hits you right in the festive feels and of course, I added a little Edgar soft toy to my Christmas wishlist this year haha.


Last year McDonald’s began their ‘Are you #ReindeerReady?’ marketing campaign which was absolutely adorable and have followed on from that this year. I really loved their advert this year which includes a young girl, her baby reindeer friend and a cute little twist at the end.


Holidays are coming, holidays are coming! The coca-cola advert has signified the start of Christmas for many people for years and years. Everyone gets so excited the first time this advert is shown and it’s pretty much the same advert every year with just a few little changes. The coca-cola Christmas truck then makes a tour around several different towns across the UK which again is always a big, exciting, Christmassy thing to see haha.


Okay, the Walkers Christmas advert this year is amazing, there’s no denying that! They only went and got Mariah Carey involved, singing All I Want for Christmas is You while taking the tiniest nibble out of the crisp. It’s weird, it’s funny and one that will definitely be remembered.


Kevin the Carrot is back and this year the ‘Leafy Blinders’, a gang of angry Brussel sprouts, are causing trouble! As always I was very happy to see Kevin was back this year, there’s just something so endearing about that carrot. I thought this year’s advert was really good and with their festive version of Robbie William’s ‘Let Me Entertain You,’ it’s definitely up there with the best Christmas adverts this year!


The Tesco Christmas advert isn’t usually one that really stands out to me but I loved their time-travelling ad this year! Not only was it festive and fun to watch it also tied in nicely with their 100th anniversary. In my opinion, it’s their best Christmas advert yet.


The Very Christmas advert was an extremely heartwarming animated ad which focuses on a community coming together to ensure an elderly man wasn’t alone this Christmas. It’s a very cute advert and has a really nice message behind it.


I LOVED the Asda Christmas advert this year! It features young Tilly and her brother who use Santa’s leftover magic, which their grandad once told them about, to make their town extra special and festive. It was really fun to watch, felt very Christmassy and left me smiling at the end.


E.T returns in Sky’s Christmas advert this year which has made a lot of people feeling very happy and nostalgic. This is definitely an ad that tugs on the heartstrings, especially if you’re a fan of the movie! E.T comes back to visit Elliot who is now grown with two kids and they all have a great time. It’s a super cute advert that may even bring a tear to the eye!

I hope you all enjoyed this best Christmas adverts of 2019 post. Let me know in in the comments which Christmas advert this year has been your favourite so far. While you’re here don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too. Thanks for reading!

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