Bloom & Wild Mini Letterbox Christmas Tree

December 14, 2020
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Bloom & Wild Mini Letterbox Christmas Tree Review

This year we had to do something a little different with our Christmas tree as we now live in a 3-storey house and lugging a Christmas tree up the stairs into the living room just wasn’t an option. Plus, we didn’t have a lot of space in the living either. So, the main Christmas tree is now downstairs in the dining room. But, having a living room without a Christmas tree just didn’t feel right! The mini letterbox Christmas tree from Bloom & Wild was calling my name and I couldn’t resist…I bought the pretty Twinkle Tree and had it delivered on December 1st for a fun, festive start to the month.

About Bloom & Wild Mini Letterbox Christmas Trees

Bloom & Wild have a decent choice of mini Christmas trees to suit all styles and tastes. They measure around 44cm tall and come with decorations, a pop-up pot, extra soil and some come with sweets too. All the trees also come rooted, meaning you can plant it in the garden after Christmas which is amazing and something I’m definitely planning on doing! They all vary in price depending on what type you get. The Twinkle Tree was £33 which I thought was a reasonable price considering everything you get with it.

Receiving the Mini Letterbox Christmas Tree

I wasn’t 100% sure how the tree would come through the letterbox, to be honest, it sounds like such a crazy idea. But, it was very compactly packed and slid through the letterbox easily. It was a very exciting delivery, and I couldn’t wait to decorate it!

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

The Twinkle Tree came with a blue, velvet pop-up pot, fairy lights, a starry garland, baubles and star decorations too.

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

Decorating the Mini Christmas Tree

I thought the Christmas tree would look great in the windowsill, next to my little ski lodge decoration. Although it’s now had to be moved to the fireplace mantle as the kittens managed to jump up and knock it down!

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

I started by putting the lights on it. This was a little stressful just because I always struggle with Christmas tree lights, even on mini trees haha.

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

Next, I put on the starry garland which also has a big star at the end that you can clip onto the top of the tree.

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

Then, lastly, I put on the cute little baubles and star decorations.

mini christmas tree

I love how this tree turned out, it looks so pretty and festive!

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

Bloom & Wild mini letterbox Christmas tree

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering getting a mini Bloom & Wild Christmas tree I’d say go for it! It was a lot of fun to decorate and it really adds an extra special something to the room. If you live in a flat or have a small space then it’s perfect for bringing some festive cheer to your home. These trees would also make fantastic gifts too and will definitely make someone smile this season.

These trees are super easy to care for too, all they need is watering once a week and you’re good to go. I’d definitely consider getting another one next year with different decorations, it really did brighten up the start of my December and I can’t wait to replant it in the garden after Christmas and help it grow into a full-fledged tree!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you’ve bought a Bloom & Wild Mini Letterbox Christmas Tree before or if you’re planning to. While you’re here don’t forget to subscribe to Beauty and the Bookshelves and keep up to date with all the festive content. You can also follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too. Thanks for reading!

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