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December 21, 2017

Every year our house is completely filled with bright, tacky and wonderful Christmas decorations. Tinsel hangs from every mirror and picture frame, our ceiling is covered in colourful foil and sparkling snowflakes and every room feels so cosy and festive. Our decorations are definitely not to everyone’s taste, we don’t really have a set colour theme or elegant, minimilistic decor. Instead our Christmas decorations are loud, outrageous, messy and we love it!

I thought for today’s post I’d show you our house at Christmastime and some of my personal favourite parts.


The first thing you’ll see when you get to the door is the wreath. I’m obsessed with wreaths, I think they’re so pretty and seeing them always make me happy. The wreath is actually our only outdoor decoration. As much as we would love to have lights, projectors and festive figures outside we unfortunately can’t. We don’t have a front garden at all, our house is situated right on the pavement, and the front is so tall and flat which makes it very difficult for us to put lights up. If I manage to move out next year though I am hoping I can do all the crazy outdoor lights, I absolutely  love seeing them on other houses!

The above wreath was last years. It was by far my favourite but because it was real we couldn’t re-use it this year. It smelled incredible and had such a classic look about it.

This is the wreath we have this year that I got from our local garden centre. It’s a fake one so we can re-use it year after year. It’s very pretty with hints of sparkle in the fake snow and on the berry’s.

The Hallway:

The hallway, or magical snow forest as we’ve called it, is my mothers favourite part of the house. It’s twinkly and beautiful with snowflakes, fairy lights and snowballs.

Since we don’t have a fireplace or chimney we have this magic key by the front door so Father Christmas can come in and leave us presents.

Blue and silver tinsel wraps around the staircase and also drapes along the mirror.

We have another wreath hanging on the door that leads in the living room. This wreath was actually a box of chocolates a couple years ago but it was so pretty we had to hang it up. The snowflakes and snowballs were from the local garden centre and the lights are little pinecones that we got from Asda.

The  hallway is definitely the prettiest room in the house. Whenever a neighbour or the postman stops by they always compliment it. It really is a magical room.

The Living Room:

Prepare yourselves because this room is epitome of Christmas!

Red, gold and green baubles hang from colourful ribbons in the window.

We have quite a few foil, ceiling decorations and a real tree of course!

The golden, sparkly reindeer and the Merry Christmas sign hangs above the TV and is my favourite part of the room, aside from the tree.

I got this lantern for my birthday last year from the garden centre and love it! A switch on the bottom turns the light on and makes the glitter float around like a snow globe. Its extremely pretty.

I bought this reindeer, tealight holder also from the garden centre last year. It’s so cute and dainty. The heat from the flame makes the reindeer’s turn above it.

Tiny decorations sit just in front of the TV with tinsel behind it. I don’t remember where the snow globe came from but the purple tea light holder I got from Vienna last year.

We’ve had these two decorations for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved the Santa snow globe and have made sure that it goes out every year.

We have quite a lot of singing and dancing decorations. I won’t be featuring all of them in this post but I thought I’d show you my favourite. This Santa Claus was the very first decoration we got when I was child. When you press the button he sings ‘Here Comes Santa Clause,’ and wiggles his hips. It’s very entertaining and always makes us laugh.

The Tree:

As I mentioned before we get a real tree every year as nothing can compare to the real tree smell. I love coming downstairs every morning and being able to smell the pine, it’s so festive.

I love our tree so much! It will no doubt pain a lot of people with how messy and disorganised it is, but to me it’s perfect. As our kitten is barely a year old we couldn’t put a lot of our favourite, glass decorations on in fear that he would break them. We put a couple right at the top so I will show you those in more detail.

This is the newest decoration I got a couple months from, unsurprisingly, the garden centre. You can’t really tell in the picture but it is extremely glittery! I think it looks really great on the tree.

This was the only glass bauble we put on the tree, right at the top. We have a lot like this with sparkling, hand painted designs on and I love them. They’re beautiful and really gives the tree something special.

This is another decoration that we’ve had for as long as I can remember. I love the robin and am always the one to put it somewhere prominent on the tree.

We have three of these little snowballs hidden in the tree. They’re very cute and it’s always fun finding one and throwing it at my sister.

How adorable is this little polar bear?! We’ve had this for a couple years and all love it. It always goes on the front of the tree for everyone to see.

The Kitchen:

The biggest feature in the kitchen is the advent calendar wall. My sister and mum both have one calendar each, I have two, one from my mother and one from my boyfriend, and then we have a joint family one.

Obviously we have more foil, ceiling decorations in here, mainly because we ran out of space in the living room.

In the window is this musical tree decoration that I bought for my mum as a Christmas present last year from Vienna. You twist the tree and then it slowly turns while playing festive music.

My Bedroom:

I don’t do much in my room as we’ve usually run out of decorations by the time we get to it,  but I do add a few Christmassy touches.

Of course I have Christmas bedding. I got this duvet set and the cushion as a Christmas present from my gran a couple years ago and it really brings some festive cheer to the room.

For my room I hang purple and gold baubles in the window and wrap pink tinsel around the curtain pole.

I buy a real, little tree from Tesco for about £3 each year to have in my room, this year I put a tiny bit of tinsel around it. I love these little trees, they’re usually covered in glitter and it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of room.

That’s pretty much everything! We have quite a few more decorations I haven’t shown you, extra bits of tinsel around the mirrors in the bathroom, a ‘Santa stop here’ sign in the living room window and other little things dotted around. Whether you like the decorations or not, you can’t deny that our house is extremely festive this time of year!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog since you’re here and follow me on Instagram and Twitter too, I follow all bloggers back. Thanks for reading!


  • Life With Han

    December 22, 2017 at 8:55 am

    I love your decorations this year, the wreath that you have is so pretty and festive! x

    Han |

    1. Hollie

      December 22, 2017 at 10:25 am

      Thank you! ??

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