Christmas Jumper Wishlist

December 15, 2017

Christmas is well and truly on it’s way, only 10 more days to go! Who can honestly, hand on heart, say that they don’t love wearing an ugly Christmas jumper this time of year?! I currently own six which I practically live in throughout December. They’re so comfy, cosy and festive! I usually try to limit myself to only buying one Christmas jumper each year, otherwise my wardrobe will probably collapse. As I’ve already bought my one this year I thought I’d do a wishlist of all the other ones I loved!

F&F – Light-Up Musical Christmas Jumper 

This is definitely the tackiest of all the jumpers on this list and I love it! Not only does it have a cute picture of Santa and a reindeer but it’s musical and lights up! I’ve always wanted a light up Christmas jumper. I think they’re really fun and will be great to wear on Christmas Eve when all the family are round, it’d be a great conversation starter haha.

Oasis – Christmas Reindeer Knit

This reindeer jumper from Oasis is adorable. They have so many cute jumpers in right now it’s hard to pick just one! I really liked the colour of this one and the fact that the white dots on the antlers are actually little pearls. It’s such a pretty jumper and I’m so tempted to buy it.

The Collection – Grey sequin cat Christmas jumper

As a crazy cat person I feel like I need this in my collection. It’s a very sweet and simple jumper with just a hint of glitter. When I saw this in store I just burst out laughing because I know I will be putting tinsel around my cat this year, and he will no doubt have the same, confused expression.

ASOS – Christmas Jumper with Sequin Pudding Elbow Patches

ASOS used to do Halloween elbow patch jumpers, and I own every single one. So when I saw this Christmas pudding one I knew I had to have it, unfortunately it sold out pretty quick and by the time I went to buy it my size was out.  I’m really hoping it comes back in because I love the subtlety of the Christmas pudding elbows, it’s a fun, little festive surprise.

Boohoo – Fluffy Knit Sequin Penguin Christmas Jumper

This jumper looks so soft and cosy! I love the colour and the little penguin in a sequin hat is too cute! I’m surprised I don’t have a fluffy jumper like this one already as I really want one. Maybe my limit of one jumper per year rule will have to be broken haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are there any jumpers on this list that you want too? Let me know in the comments how many you own, I’d love to know haha. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I follow all bloggers back. Thanks for reading!



  • Sarah

    December 15, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    I managed to snag the ASOS pudding jumper and I love it! I went back to try and get another as a back up (because I loved it that much) and it was gone 🙁

    1. Hollie

      December 16, 2017 at 7:18 pm

      You’re lucky you got one! I swear they went so fast ?

      1. Sarah

        December 17, 2017 at 1:01 am

        I know, I am very happy I did get one ? the day after my post went up showing it they were sold out, I like to pretend it was my influence ?? (obviously joking)

        1. Hollie

          December 17, 2017 at 1:10 pm

          Oh it most definitely was! ?

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