Dear Father Christmas…

December 8, 2017

Dear Father Christmas,

How are you? I’m good, I like to think I’ve been very good this year but I guess that’s up to you to decide.  I know I’m 25 and most people will no doubt think that’s too old to write a letter to you, but the spirit of Christmas never died in me. As a child you were always one of my favourite people and I looked forward to your visit every year. I loved writing letters to you, making them all colourful and pretty and leaving them by the fireplace for your elves to collect. While you still make your yearly visit to my house, eating the mince pie and drinking the Sherry I leave out, I thought it’d be fun to write you another letter.

As always there are a few things I want for Christmas. Some extravagant, some more reasonable, but honestly I’ll be grateful for anything you bring me. Except a lump of coal, I probably won’t appreciate that very much.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

This is a ridiculous amount of money but I’ve only ever heard good things about this moisturiser and really want to try it out. My skin is what I am self conscious of the most so I’m always on the hunt for new skincare that can help and make me feel better.

Juvia’s Place Magic Palette

I have been lusting over this palette for the longest time. Just look at those colours! These palettes are known for their super high pigmentation and I feel like I need to add one to my collection.

Chelsea Peers Pyjamas 

I am obsessed with Chelsea Peers! I own one pair of pyjamas from them and they are without a doubt my favourite. They do some really fun, cosy Christmas ones including this cookie cutter matching set that I think is so cute.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Kit

I don’t tend to buy blusher often, I usually just stick to one colour and only buy a new one when I run out. I am getting extremely bored of my pink blush though and actually prefer the darker colours on me. When I saw this blush kit I fell in love with all of the shades and immediately added it to my list!

Dreamies Stocking for Gaston

Since my cat can’t actually ask for anything for Christmas I thought I’d add this Dreamies stocking to my list. I know he’d love it, and even though he can be very naughty sometimes he still deserves to be treated.

YSL Mon Paris Perfume

This is my all time favourite perfume that I have very sadly run out of so I would love another. The bottle is very pretty and it has a lovely, sweet and delicate scent. It’s base notes are Patchouli & White Musk, heart notes are Datura & White Flowers and top notes are Pear & Fruit.

Sugarhill Boutique Clothes

Sugarhill Boutique is one of my favourite clothes shops and luckily I live relatively close to an outlet. All of their clothes are fun, quirky and so completely me. Here are a few things I would love to receive from there.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild or Aurora Glow Kit

I have never owned or tried a glow kit and they are raved about. I’ve wanted these two since they came out but have never plucked up the courage to spend the money on them. I couldn’t decided between the two and would be very happy with either. The colours are really pretty and I like the mix between the normal and unique colours.

Pipdig Blog Theme

I don’t know if you can get these as a gift and I can’t actually choose which theme I like the most as they are all gorgeous, but I really want one! I’ve been eyeing up Pipdig themes for a while now and if they can’t be given as a gift then I will definitely be purchasing one sometime next year.

Fluffy Socks

Fluffy socks are probably one of the greatest inventions. Being cosy is just the best feeling! I’d really like a new pair of thick, soft socks, bonus points if they’re festive haha.

Gift Cards

I mentioned in both my Stocking Fillers for Him and Stocking Fillers for her post that gifts cards make great gifts and I myself would love to get some! Personally I would like some from Beauty BayDebenhams, John Lewis and Waterstones


Hourglass Stick Foundation

I’ve wanted to try this foundation for a while, you may remember seeing it in my High End Makeup Wishlist. It’s super full coverage and looks amazing. Hourglass products are so beautiful and luxurious and I would love to have something from them in my collection.

Picture from:

Foil Scratch Art

i used to have these as a kid and loved them! They were so much fun and I spent hours scratching away to get the pretty, foil picture. A few years ago I revcived a small one in my stocking, which I spent most of Christmas morning completing, and I would really like another one.

Marc Jacobs Edgitorial Palette

I own one Marc Jacobs Palette and it is truly incredible! I saw the Edgitorial Palette in John Lewis about a month ago, swatched it and have been obsessed ever since. The colours in this particular palette aren’t ones that I would normally go for but I love them and that gold is to die for!

Games to Play on Christmas

Lastly I would like a either board game or just a fun, silly game to play either on Christmas Day or Boxing Day. Last year my sister got a mini table tennis set and we all had a laugh while playing it. Games are so much fun and great way to bring the family together, unless it’s monopoly haha. I don’t have a specific game in mind that I want, just something that will make us laugh.

That is everything on my list this year, Father Christmas. Although I am sure there are many other things I’ve pointed out of the past few months that I want too haha, you’ll have to speak to my family about that. I am not actually expecting to get any items on this list as some of them they are pretty pricey. They are things that I’ve been wanting for a while but can’t justify spending so stuck them on a wishlist. If you or anyone in my family, or my boyfriend does happen to get me anything on this list then I’ll be extremely lucky. I know I’ll love whatever anyone gets me though simply because they know me and they put the time and effort into choosing a gift.

Christmas is such an exciting, joyous time and I really can’t wait! I will leave out your mince pie and  glass of Sherry, and a carrot for the reindeer of course, as per usual on Christmas Eve. I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Love, Hollie.

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