Lush 2020 Christmas Haul

December 7, 2020
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Lush 2020 Christmas Haul

The time has come for my Lush 2020 Christmas haul! I get so excited every year when Lush release their Christmas products and the smell of Snow Fairy is once again in the air. There were quite a few new products this year that I snatched up and can’t wait to try. There were also a few products that were released last year missing from this year’s lineup which I was a little sad about. I was really hoping Chris the Camel would make a reappearance haha.

Here are all the Lush 2020 Christmas products I’ve picked up so far this year! Although I may pop into a store and get a few extra bits before Christmas.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

From Lush: This bath bomb happily fizzes around your bath leaving a trail of raspberry scent and popping candy, as you sink into purple starry waters.

This is a brand new product that was too cute to pass up! It smells very sweet which is always a plus for me and turns the bath water into a pretty purple colour. This bath bomb was only £2.95 too which I think is a great price! I’m very excited to use this little cutie.

I Want a hippopotamus For Christmas

Holly Golightly 

From Lush: 3-in-1. An uplifting citrus bundle keeps giving with bubbles plus two types of bath bomb. Treat yourself or gift to another this Christmas.

I bought this one last year and absolutely loved it so it definitely had to be added into my basket again this year. It’s a massive bath bomb that can be split into 3 parts making it a pretty good value for money. Although last year I did just chuck it all in for the ultimate festive bath!

Holly Golightly lush christmas


From Lush: Plastic-free glitter and popping candy turn bathtime into playtime. This Christmas bath bomb brings citrus scents and orange waters.

Any bath bomb with glitter and popping candy in it and I’m sold! Plus, this bath bomb is a super vibrant colour and shaped like a cute robot too. This product is another new one this year and it smells amazing, very citrusy and Christmassy. I think it’d make a great secret Santa present or stocking filler too.

tick tock bath bomb

Shooting Stars Soap

From Lush: Ditch the plastic with star fruit extract, mighty lime and bergamot in this Christmas soap. Leaving skin cleansed with a zesty sherbet scent.

This soap is so pretty and it smells incredible too! I usually buy the soaps to give as gifts to other people, but this year I thought I’d just get one for myself. I put this soap in my bathroom on December 1st and have loved using it. It’s super moisturising and just brightens the place up.

shooting stars soap

Snow Fairy

From Lush: A Christmas bath bomb of glistening snowflakes swirls around your bath, releasing plastic-free lustre into the candy floss scented waters.

No Lush fan can resist the sweet scent of Snow Fairy! I’ve used this bath bomb a few times now and it’s definitely a firm festive favourite. It looks super wintery with the snowflake pattern and the colours and it turns the bath into a pretty, bubblegum pink colour with a silver shimmer that will linger on your skin. This definitely a bath bomb I’ll be saving for Christmas Eve.

snow fairy bath bomb

snow fairy bath bomb

Angels Delight

From Lush: So sweet, this bath bomb brings a classic Lush Christmas experience to your bathroom. Plastic-free gold lustre adds a sprinkle of magic.

This bath bomb looks super cute and smells great too, very sweet! I love the little moon detailing. Any bath bomb that’s this bright pink will always make me excited. Although, I have read quite a few bad reviews that there’s too much colourant in this that stains both skin and the bathtub terribly so we’ll see how it goes haha.

Angels Delight lush christmas

Snow Fairy Wonderball

From Lush: 3-in-1. Candy sweet and 3x the treat with bubbles and two bath bombs. Indulge yourself or someone special with this packaging-free gift.

This is another one I had last year that I couldn’t resist picking up again. A GIANT Snow Fairy bath bomb, what could be better?! Again it can be split into 3 parts and used separately so you get 3, fun Snow Fairy scented baths. Plus, the sprinkles inside the bath bomb will create pretty pink bubbles too.

Snow fairy wonderball

Snow fairy wonderball

Luxury Lush Pud

From Lush: Sweet blackcurrant and cypress oils blend in this Christmas bath bomb to soothe the body and give an energising lift. A plastic-free treat.

For years this bath bomb has been a favourite of mine. I love the swirling colours it makes as soon as it goes in the water. I always save it for when it’s nearer to Christmas as it never fails to make me feel festive and happy. It has a lovely sweet,  fruity scent and is a lot of fun.

luxury lush pud

Jingle Bells

From Lush: Lie back and soak in the colourful red and blue swirls and softening water of this Christmas bath bomb. Orange oil is an instant refresher.

I don’t think this bath bomb is new this year, but it’s new to me. It very sweet looking with a fresh scent. I’m not sure if there’s a strong colour to it, but I’ve read that it’s extremely relaxing and moisturising which is perfect for this time of year. I think I’ll definitely be using it whenever I feel stressed or anxious about something.

jingle bells lush christmas

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

From Lush: This candy-sweet Christmas shower gel is packed with plastic-free glitter. Shimmer with Lush Snow Fairy magic that comes but once a year.

It wouldn’t be a Lush Christmas haul without the classic Snow Fairy shower gel! I got this in the little Snow Fairy box for my birthday so I didn’t need to buy one myself this year which is great haha. I love it when the Snow Fairy shower gel is back out. Sometimes I’ll open the top just to smell it because it makes me so happy. I’m weird, I know. It’s literally an addiction haha.

Snow fairy shower gel

Winter Garden

From Lush: This Christmas bath bomb with drifting scents of calming ylang ylang and hand-dipped petals transforms your bathroom into a peaceful haven.

This is a stunning bath bomb that looks so relaxing! It has a subtle floral scent and seems really pretty with the petals floating around the bath. As it doesn’t have any colour, it turns the bath a milky white, it’d be great to use with a festive bubble bar.

winter garden bath bomb

winter garden bath bomb

Shoot for the Stars

From Lush: Soak in a sweetly scented starry night of deep blue water topped with skin moisturising stars for the ultimate Christmas bath skin treat.

Shoot for the Stars is a Lush Christmas classic that’s always one of the first ones to be added to my basket. It has a strong, sweet caramel scent that’s irresistible and turns your bath into a gorgeous bright blue colour with golden stars floating around that are incredibly moisterising.

Shoot for the stars lush christmas

That’s everything I picked up in the Lush 2020 Christmas collection this year! Let me know in the comments if you’ve picked up any of these Lush Christmas products this year.

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  • alwayscleia

    December 11, 2020 at 2:32 am

    I need some lush bath bombs in my life! That hippopotamus is adorable x

    1. Hollie

      December 12, 2020 at 9:19 am

      Haha I love them! The hippopotamus is super cute, can’t wait to use that one ?

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