My Small Goals for 2021

December 23, 2020
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My Small Goals for 2021

I was on the fence on whether I wanted to write this post. Do I really want to set myself some goals and resolutions when we have no idea what the world will even look like next year? I can’t exactly say I want to travel more or have more day trips as they may not even be an option anyway. There are a few small things I’d like to work on next year though. Just small goals that will make me feel happy if I can achieve them. So that’s what this post is. It’s not big resolutions or life-changing goals. Just small goals for 2021 that will just make the year a little more enjoyable.

Cook More

I really want to get into cooking more and trying out new recipes. Since we moved into the house we were both on pretty restrictive diets for the wedding. But now that’s over we’ve been eating pretty basic food and it gets very boring. So, I want to find new healthy but tasty and interesting recipes to try and make more time to actually good a proper meal rather than having chicken nuggets for dinner.

Get Back into a Blogging Routine

This year I feel like my blogging schedule has been all over the place. With everything going on in the world I found it really difficult to get the motivation to write anything. If I wasn’t going out and experiencing new things, what was there to even write about? Then I moved out and got married and my blog just fell by the wayside. So in 2021, I want to get back into my blogging routine and put much more effort into this little space on the internet because I miss it. If there’s anything you want to see here in 2021 let me know in the comments!

Be More House Proud

I’m not going to lie, I’m a pretty untidy person. It frustrates both me and my husband haha. It’s a bad habit just leaving empty glasses around or piling my clothes up on a chair instead of just hanging them back up. Next year, I want to make a real effort of being tidier. Hopefully, my husband doesn’t read this and hold me accountable haha. As we’ve both decided that next year we’ll really focus on doing up the house, I think becoming more houseproud will be easier.

Have a Skincare Routine and Stick to it

I swear the stress of this year has taken its toll on my skin! It’s dull, both dry and oily and I’ve been getting a few more breakouts. I think part of the problem is I just lost all motivation and energy to take care of myself. I’ll just cover up my problems with concealer and go. Next year I want to search around for the best products for my skin, create a skincare routine and actually stick it to.

Wear a Skirt

So I have a bit of a phobia of skirts. I think the last time I wore one I was in primary school and even then I hated it. I don’t know what it is about them, I just always feel like they don’t suit me. Next year I want to try out some different styles and get myself out of my comfort zone of skinny jeans and floral dresses. And I’m determined to own and wear just one skirt. It doesn’t sound difficult but I know it’s going to take me the majority of the year to find one I’m happy with.

Keep a Diary

As a teenager, I used to keep a diary which I’d titled my ‘rant book’ for years and years. After 2020 I released keeping a diary this year would’ve been pretty interesting to read back on in 20/30/40 years time. So, in 2021 I want to start writing one again. Just a place where I can air all of my thoughts and feelings and life-changing events and look back on it when I’m older to reminisce or even pass down to any potential children/grandchildren.

Those are all of my small goals I’d like to achieve in 2021! Let me know in the comments if you have any small goals you’re hoping to do next year.

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  • Chanelle

    December 26, 2020 at 12:14 am

    I understand your phobia of skirts, I hate wearing them and because I’m so short the lengths often don’t suit me. I’m not brave enough to wear a skirt with bare legs either as I’m insecure about my legs. Keeping a diary/journal is so hopefully, it clears your mind and allows you to mentally unwind 🙂

    1. Hollie

      December 27, 2020 at 9:23 pm

      Glad it’s not just me! I have issues with my legs too and always felt that skirts just don’t suit me. Which is a little weird cause I love wearing dresses haha. Yes I always found that when I kept one as a teen, it really helped get all my thoughts and feelings out in a safe place and with everything going on it seems like a great time to start one up again ?

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