8 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

October 23, 2021
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Halloween is one of the best holidays! And while it still doesn’t get quite the recognition it deserves in the UK, unlike America, it’s definitely getting bigger and bigger every year. From scary movies and haunted houses to extra sweets and a special anniversary, here are 8 reasons why I love Halloween.

1. Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving is, without a doubt, my favourite Halloween activity. I’ve carved a pumpkin every year since I was a child, with varying degrees of success. As a kid, it was signified the start of Halloween and the entire festive season/best time of the year – with firework night, my birthday and Christmas all happening shortly after. I love picking out the perfect pumpkin, choosing a fun or spooky designer and then spending an evening carving before putting it outside with a tea light. I also adore seeing other people’s carved pumpkins outside their homes. It honestly brings me so much joy!

2. Halloween Decorations

I think I made it very clear in my decorating the house for Halloween post, that I’m a huge fan of Halloween and autumn decorations. And, now that I own my own home, I like to make the decorations more and more extravagant each year. This year, I picked up a few new decorations for the outside of my home, such as a little Frankenstein holding a pumpkin and a new doormat. But, I’ve already seen some neighbours and other houses go even further and decoration as extreme as they would for Christmas. I’m absolutely loving seeing more and more people get into the spirit of Halloween and next year I plan to bring even more spookiness to my house!

3. Spooky Treats

If there is ever a time to indulge in sweets, it’s now! The amount of spooky, Halloween sweets and treats I’m seeing in stores right now is so impressive. And, of course, I want them all! M&S have some incredible treats like a spooky Colin the Caterpillar which I got for my wedding day last year and will be getting again for my wedding party this year. They also have some biscuits in a haunted house-shaped tin that lights up and looks amazing! Hotel Chocolate also have some Halloween-themed chocolate that I haven’t been able to resist either. Plus, for our wedding party, we have a Halloween pick n mix sweet table organised and I’m already hoping there’ll be leftovers!

4. Halloween Movies

Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Monster House, The Nightmare Before Christmas, there are so many good movies out this time of year! These movies are so comforting and really get me in the Halloween mood. I also love watching a good horror movie – especially on Halloween night can get myself super spooked.

5. Trick or Treaters

As an introvert, it often surprises people that I love opening the door to trick or treaters. But, I think it’s so much fun. I remember trick or treating as a kid and how much of an amazing time I had every year. And, so, I want to be able to give that back to other kids who may be trick or treating for the first time. Opening the door and letting the kids and their parents/chaperones see our over the top hallway decorations with hanging spiders, cosy Halloween fairy lights and a spooky indoor projector, and seeing their reactions always makes me smile. Plus, I love seeing their costumes too and it’s even better when the parents dress up. Halloween really is for every age!

6. Scary Activities

From haunted houses and ghost trains to pumpkin picking (not scary, I know) and making a haunted gingerbread house, there are so many fun Halloween activities to take part in. And, after being unable to do all of these fun things last year, it feels extra special being able to do everything this year. We recently went to the Colchester Zoo Trail of Terror and had an amazingly spooky time – we were both still a little paranoid that things would jump out at us the next day! This time of year really does have all the best activities.

7. Halloween Costumes

While I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a few years, it’s always something I want to do. Hopefully next year I’ll get the chance to plan a Halloween costume. They look really fun to do and gives everyone a chance to be creative and whoever they want to be. I love seeing elaborate celebrity Halloween costumes and other people’s costumes on Instagram. I’m also a big fan of all the makeup influencers creating absolutely incredible Halloween makeup looks! Plus, let’s not forget about pet Halloween costumes because I swear there is nothing cuter.

8. My Wedding Anniversary

Lastly, Halloween is an extra special day to me because it’s my wedding anniversary! This year will be our 1 year anniversary which seems crazy to me. Our wedding really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago. But maybe because we still haven’t been able to stop planning for our wedding party this year. I’m very excited to celebrate both Halloween and our anniversary next year which will be a much more chilled out night full of movies, sweets and trick or treaters. I do also plan, at some point, to get a pumpkin tattoo to represent both my love for Halloween and for our wedding too!

reasons why I love Halloween.

Those are all the reasons why I love Halloween! Let me know in the comments what you love about Halloween too.

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