Autumn candle wishlist

October 23, 2018
Autumn candle wishlist

Just like your regular basic b*tch I love a scented candle! Cinnamon is my ultimate favourite candle for autumn and I have an entire cupboard filled with them. There are many other scented candles that seem perfect for autumn which I’d love to try so here is my current autumn candle wishlist!

Autumn Night – Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle

The autumn evening invites with brisk earthiness and dreamy interludes of lavender and woodland notes. 

Doesn’t it look so cosy? I own Autumn Glow which smells beautiful so I’d definitely like to add this one to my collection too. It’d be perfect for a cosy autumn night…obviously.

Sweater Weather – Bath and Bodyworks


sweater weather candle

Grab your favorite comfy sweater & cozy up to fall with the Perfect 3-Wick Candle! 

It pains me that we don’t have a Bath and Bodyworks in the UK as their candles look incredible! I love the name and packaging for this candle and think it’d look really cute in my living room.

Luscious Pumpkin Trifle – Yankee Candle

yankee candle

A mouthwatering temptation of vanilla cake, cinnamon, sweet cream and pumpkin.

Anything with ‘pumpkin’ in I want! Pumpkin scented candles are among my favourite and really get me in the autumnal mood. Honestly, I want this entire collection, they all look amazing!

Autumn – The White Company

The white company candle

Like spending the day stepping on crunchy leaves in the park. Autumn is a gloriously floral and fruity scent – a crisp combination of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber.

The whole autumn collection looks and smells beautiful. The White Company is such a luxurious brand, I’ve never owned anything from them but their Autumn candle would be the perfect place to start.

Crisp Morning Air – Bath and Bodyworks


crisp autumn air candle

Crisp Fall Breeze, White Oak, Golden Amber Wood, Saffron, Soft Sandalwood.

Once again the packaging is adorable! The scents described in this candle sound really relaxing and I’d love for my rooms to smell like that crisp autumn air all day long.

Spiced Berry Sangria – Yankee Candle

yankee candle

A refreshing treat – sangria spiked with berries, apple, cinnamon stick and ginger.

I suppose this is more wintery than autumnal but oh my, cinnamon, berries, apple and ginger?! I need it! I’m going to have to make a big Yankee Candle order soon because I just can’t resist all these gorgeous candles.

Spiced Pumpkin – DW Home

Spiced pumpkin candle


Harvest pumpkin interwoven with delectable notes of vanilla nutmeg, crushed cinnamon, and sweet brown sugar, baked into an all-butter pastry crust

Doesn’t that sound delightful? I own one DW Home candle, Caramel Pumpkin, which I picked up from TK Maxx and ever since I’ve wanted to get my hands on more. Unfortunately they are an Amercian brand and I think the only place you can get them in the UK is TK Maxx. I haven’t seen Spiced Pumpkin in there yet but if I do I will be snapping this one up.

Mandarin, Cinnamon and Clove – M&S

mandarin, cinnamon and clove candle

Infused with juicy mandarin, warming cinnamon and spicy clove, this perfumed candle will create a warm and welcoming ambience that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Lastly, I want this mandarin, cinnamon and clove candle from M&S. I’ve bought their winter/Christmas room diffusers before and they smell so strongly so I’d love to get a cosy, autumnal candle.

Do you own any of these candles? If so which do you recommend? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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