Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

October 2, 2021
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Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

There’s nothing I love more than making my home feel warm and cosy. And what better way to welcome in the new season than with some cute autumnal homeware? As soon as the autumn decorations start making their appearances in the stores, I get extremely excited. While lots of people complain that it’s too early, I’m the one at the checkout buying as many pumpkin-shaped or scented items as possible! I live for this time of year and try to keep my home as autumnal as possible all year round. My autumn homeware wishlist 2021, features some of my current favourite pieces that I’d very much love to own.

Anthropologie Pumpkin Harvest Mug

I have no room whatsoever for any more mugs. There is literally an entire cupboard in my kitchen full of them, plus a mug tree on the counter too! We went crazy on the mug buying when we first moved in and now we’re at maximum mug capacity. But…I’m still very tempted to buy this pumpkin one from Anthropologie. I love the design of it featuring various shapes, sizes and different coloured pumpkin and the writing inside which says ‘I never met a pumpkin I didn’t like’. I may just have to try and squeeze one more mug into the cupboard.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Anthropologie Pumpkin Harvest Apron

Along with the mug, Anthropologie also has a pumpkin harvest apron with the same, fun pumpkin print all over it. While I’m not really doing a lot of baking or cooking in general right now (with the wedding party coming up my diet consists of chicken and rice haha), I’d still very much like to own this apron. Soon, we’ll be building our own pantry and I feel this apron would look adorable hung up on the back of the door.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Anthropologie You’re the Pumpkin to my Spice Dish Towel

Who knew you could be so obsessed with a dish towel…but here we are! I do already own a couple of Halloween-themed dish towels but can you really have enough? They will always be used and are handy to have around. And I know this one will end up just being used all year round which is perfect for me as someone who wants to keep the autumn theme going forever!

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Next Pumpkin Teapot

I don’t drink tea…but I need this teapot in my kitchen! It would look so good on the countertop, next to the new pumpkin-themed dishtowel and mug. I just want my entire kitchen to be pumpkin-themed! And who knows, maybe getting a teapot will suddenly make me like tea? Seems unlikely, but my husband is a big tea fan so it definitely wouldn’t go to waste.

Next Artificial Succulent in Pumpkin Pot 

Oh look, another pumpkin item! This artificial succulent in a cute, pumpkin pot is so bright and cheery and would look great on our home office desk. I love that the fake succulent spills out from its mouth too. This probably isn’t something I could get away with keeping out all year round but I would certainly try. As our home office is essentially my husband’s geek den, this will definitely be a good way of putting my mark on the room too haha.

Redbubble Autumn Nights Throw Blanket

I’ve been looking for a new blanket as Luna, my dog, has claimed my current one as hers and likes to sleep on it at night. This autumn nights throw from Redbubble is PERFECT! I’ve never seen a blanket that just embodies pretty much everything I love about autumn. Not only is the pattern really fun, but the colours are super cosy and it looks really soft and snuggly too.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Lights4fun Autumn Garland

I’ve been wanting an autumn garland for years yet for some reason I never end up buying one. Last year, we got our very first Christmas garland for the mantlepiece and our kittens who were still tiny babies at the time, chew through the wires. Luckily, we managed to fix it and it all works, but I think I’m still just a little cautious about getting one. That being said, this autumn garland from Lights4fun looks beautiful and it would so easily add those extra autumn vibes to our fireplace.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Not on the High Street Autumnal Twig Tree

Anyone who knows me knows I love a seasonal, decorative tree. Of course, we get a real Christmas tree every year but I also have an Easter tree and a Halloween tree too. What I don’t have is an autumn tree. I came across this small autumnal tree from Not on the Highstreet and immediately fell in love with it. Again, it’d be perfect to place on our fireplace mantle or the side table in our front hallway or even on our dining table as a centrepiece. This tree also lights up which makes it look even cosier.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Anthropologie Autumn Leaf Doormat

Last year I got an autumnal doormat from Etsy but it sadly. didn’t last too long as the rain made all the writing completely disappear. So, I’ve been on the hunt for another one and this Anthropologie leaf doormat is ideal. Shaped like a leaf and in autumnal colours, it’ll definitely look eye-catching by our front door and it would look great with my faux autumn leaf wreath too! Anthropologie could be seeing a lot of me this autumn haha.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

Dunelm Reversable Forest Fauna Duvet Set

It’s impossible to enter a new season without buying some new bedding and this reversal forest and fauna duvet set from Dunelm is perfect for autumn! The colours and the pattern and are so pretty and I love that the reverse side is burnt orange with a forest trees print. It looks super soft and cosy too and I think it’d look great in our bedroom.

Autumn Homeware Wishlist 2021

That’s everything on my autumn homeware wishlist 2021! Let me know in the comments what your favourite item is or if you bought any of these things this year?

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  • jollyholidaywithclaire

    October 6, 2021 at 9:49 am

    I kind of want everything single item on that list right now…

    1. Hollie

      October 6, 2021 at 4:48 pm

      Right?! Me too haha it’s so tempting

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