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October 14, 2021
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5 Best Cosy TikTok Accounts to Follow

It should come as no surprise that my favourite genre on TikTok is the cosy genre. Not only are they the videos I enjoy watching the most but they’re also the videos I love to make too. The cosy genre is usually very autumnal, you’ll see candles, rainy days, blankets, nostalgic movies, books, home decor and more. It always inflicts a sense of calm and makes me feel happy and relaxed. It also gets me very excited for the autumn season and all the holidays it brings such as Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas.

Here are the 5 best cosy TikTok accounts that you should be following if you want to watch short, relaxing and comforting videos:

My Little Edinburgh posts videos of her life around the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh. Visiting coffee shops, book shops, castles and experiencing autumn in the city, her videos are very soothing and I love seeing snippets of Edinburgh as it’s a place I’d really love to spend time in. It feels like it’s a city where it’s autumn all year round with its grey and rainy weather and it looks totally idyllic.

My Little Edinburgh

Steffy is a very well-known autumn enthusiast and her TikTok is full of inspiration for the season. From outfits and home decor to baking and comedy, her account has everything an autumn lover needs. Her videos are very addicting and are perfect for getting in the autumn mood. She’s also currently renovating a 1974 A-Frame Cabin which is fascinating to see the progress.

Steffy Degreff Cosy TikTok

Busy Being Cosy, or YR Studio, is a small business that sells autumn candles and other cosy items such as socks, mugs, prints, soaps and bath salts. Their TikTok videos are all about having the cosiest day possible and are full of self-care ideas. From evening routines to rainy day essentials, it’s impossible to not feel warm and happy while watching their videos.

Busy Being Cosy TikTok Accounts

Pint Sized Beauty was the first cosy TikTok account I came across and what massively inspired me to start making my own cosy videos. Her TikToks always make me smile and I get very excited every time she posts something new. Featuring autumn outfits and baking videos as well as cosy day plans and even the odd Harry Potter-themed video too, her account is just perfection.

Pint Sized Beauty

Kiel James Patrick is the king of autumn and that’s no exaggeration! He inspires many of us autumn-fanatics as we live out our autumn dream days vicariously through him. The content he creates is incredible and it’s impossible to not feel cosy and autumnal after watching his videos. He also creates amazing winter and Christmas content too and features his adorable golden retriever in many of his videos.

Kiel James Patrick cosy TikTok account

Those are my top 5 cosy TikTok accounts! Let me know if you follow any of these accounts or if you have any cosy/autumnal TikTok accounts to share too.

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