Decorating the House for Halloween 2021

October 13, 2021
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Decorating the House for Halloween 2021

On the first official day of autumn, the Halloween decorations came down from the attic and I spent the day turning our home into a cosy, spooky space! Decorating the house for Halloween is always exciting to me – especially after buying new homeware pieces. I love filling up the fireplace mantle with decorations, putting up the autumn wreath and decorating the mini Halloween tree. It all just makes me feel so happy and, here, I’ll be showing you exactly how we decorated the house for Halloween!

Front Door

This year, instead of just putting out the autumn wreath, which I still just love so much, I also picked up a Halloween mat and my father-in-law gave us this cute little Frankenstein holding a pumpkin that lights up. I can’t wait to pick up a few pumpkins when we go pumpkin picking in a few weeks and add those to the front door decorations too.

Decorating the house for Halloween


The entrance hallway is full of spooky things and Halloween fairy lights to make it look cosy at night time. I’m sure if we were able to have trick or treaters this year they would love it.

Decorating the house for Halloween

Right by the front door, we have this picture of a haunted house which actually lights up and plays some scary sounds too.

Decorating the house for Halloween

On the opposite side of the door, where the mirror is, I hung some ghost fairy lights around it and this cute ‘boo’ sign.

Decorating the house for Halloween

On the console table, we have a little spooky, haunted mansion snow globe with a trio of pumpkins I picked up recently from Tesco.

Decorating the house for Halloween

I also hung these adorable pumpkin lights around the door that leads into the kitchen.

Decorating the house for Halloween

And, from the ceiling, I hung these spider decorations which are my favourite part of all the hallway decorations!

Decorating the house for Halloween

I don’t actually have too many decorations in the kitchen. The only thing we really have is this ghost which I absolutely love sitting on the windowsill.

Upstairs Hallway

In the hallway upstairs we have a pretty large window which we turned into a cosy corner. We added a storage bench, a plant and some fairy lights with the idea of making it a little reading nook. But, in reality, it’s just a place where the cats like to sleep haha. I love decorating this area for both Halloween and Christmas as it really just makes it look extra special.

Decorating the house for Halloween

Here, we added this giant light-up pumpkin that we got from Costco last year. At first, Luna was pretty scared of it. And as it’s a motion sensor decoration, she would bark every she walked past and it lit up. Of course, she’s used to it now, but sometimes it still surprises her. We also added my trick or treat Halloween cushion and the mini Halloween tree I bought last year from John Lewis.

Doesn’t it just look so cosy at night?!

Living Room

The living room is the main event when it comes to Halloween decorations. The fireplace is filled with lights, figures, pumpkins, ghosts, candles and bats for the ultimate spooky setting.

Decorating the house for Halloween

I love spending the evening here after a long day. Cosying up by the fire, turning on all the lights and watching one of my favourite Halloween movies.

Decorating the house for Halloween

The little light-up ghosts have been my favourite decoration for years. I think they’re so adorable and when switched on they change colours which looks super pretty.

Decorating the house for Halloween

These two decorations are the newest additions to the fireplace and I think they fit right in!

Decorating the house for Halloween

On the bookshelf, I added some spooky character garland which I’d happily keep up all year round. I also placed our new Halloween town scene on the shelf too.

And decorating the house for Halloween is complete! Let me know what you all think of our decorations and what your favourite part is. I’d also love to know if you decorate for Halloween too.

I’m already looking forward to decorating the house for Halloween next year too. I just know we’ll buy even more decorations in the meantime. And, I also really want to build up the outside decorations.

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  • jollyholidaywithclaire

    October 20, 2021 at 4:15 pm

    I’m in loooove with your Dracula Nutcracker !

    1. Hollie

      October 21, 2021 at 8:34 pm

      Haha he’s very cute! And I hadn’t seen a Halloween nutcracker before

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