Hallotober Blogger Tag

October 11, 2021
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Hallotober Blogger Tag

We are back with another tag post and this time it’s Halloween related! I saw the Hallotober Blogger tag on The Life of a Glasgow Girl blog and loved reading the answers to her questions so thought I’d join in. If you want to include a un, spooky tag post on your blog too, then feel free to join in!

1. What’s Your Favourite Thing About October?

Although late September is technically the start of autumn, October is when it starts to really feel like it. The air gets crisper, the nights are cooler, the leaves start to change and fall, the evenings get darker quicker and everything feels so cosy. Of course, I love that Halloween is approaching too as well as Bonfire Night, my birthday and Christmas! It’s always such an exciting time of year and I always look forward to it.

2. Are You a Big Celebrator of Halloween?

Yes! Absolutely I am! I have always been a big celebrator of Halloween. As a kid, my mum would take me out trick or treating every year, as a teenager I’d stay up late into the night watching horror movies or reading scary books. And now, as an adult, I decorate my house, bake spooky treats and watch my favourite, nostalgic Halloween movies.

3. What’s Your Favourite Horror Movie?

Poltergeist (1982) is my favourite horror movie. It was one of the very first horror movies my dad made me watch when I was around 10/11 years old and I became obsessed with it! It’s such a creepy, classic movie with a fun haunted house storyline and some jumpscares.

4. Would You Rather Have a Cosy Night In Watching Horrors or a Big Night Out in a Costume?

Definitely a cosy night in watching horrors. I’ll light some candles and our fireplace, turn on all the Halloween lights and decorations, maybe order a takeaway and grab a bottle of wine too while being in my comfy PJs. But, I also would really enjoy putting together a cool Halloween costume and going out too. It’s been a very long time since I dressed up and went to a Halloween event/party.

5. Which Has Been Your Most Favourite Costume to Date?

So, the last time I dressed up for Halloween I went as a broken doll which was really fun. I did my makeup to look as though my face had cracks in it and got a pretty pink dress and paired it with some white tights with a ton of bloodstains all over them. I also once dressed up as a pirate fairy and I just loved the look in general haha.

6. Bobbing for Apples or Pin the Hat on the Witch?

Pin the hat on the witch! I’d be terrible at bobbing for apples and I find it so funny watching people try to pin things in the right location.

7. How do You Celebrate Halloween?

Well, last year I got married and wasn’t able to celebrate properly and this year I’ll be having my wedding party so, again, won’t be able to celebrate it properly. It’s a little sad we haven’t been able to fully celebrate Halloween in our house yet, but that just means next year will be even more exciting! Normally, I like to make sure I’m home by 4/5pm and light the pumpkin outside. Then I hang out and wait for all the trick or treaters. I really have so much fun handing out the sweets and seeing all their cute costumes and I love seeing their faces light up when they see all the decorations we have.

Once the trick or treaters have gone, usually around 7/8pm, I’ll then take all the leftover sweets and snack on them while spending the night watching scary movies!

8. What’s Your Least Favourite Horror?

I think any of The Ring sequels. The Ring was such a great movie and is still one of my all-time favourite horrors, it really didn’t need a sequel and all the movies following it were just so bad! Same with the Saw movies, they started off great but just went on for way too long.

9. Do you Have a Favourite Trick or Treating Memory?

I can’t remember what year it was, but as I was out trick or treating with my friends, we came to one house where the man who owned it really went all out. As soon as he opened the door, smoke came out from the hallway and bright lights flashed, lighting up loads of spooky decorations. He was also dressed up himself and dropped a box of Ferrero Rochers into each of our buckets which, as kids, we thought was such a huge jackpot! The whole thing was so memorable and from then, I knew I wanted to have a house as cool as his on Halloween.

10. What’s Your Favourite Thing About Halloween?

So many things! I love lighting the pumpkin and placing it outside our front door. I love watching movies and eating leftover sweets. And, now, the day is even more special because it’s our wedding anniversary!

11. Scary Costume or Silly Costume?

Personally, I’d love to dress up as something scary but I also love seeing people in silly costumes too.

12. What’s Your Favourite Halloween Candy?

I honestly can’t think of one that would be my favourite but as a kid, I would get really excited to get lollies or little bags of Haribo or Skittles. I’m also a big fan of jelly snakes!

13. Ghost Decorations or Skeleton Decorations?

Ghost decorations! They’re so cute and I have quite a lot of ghost decorations. From ceramic ghost ornaments and bunting to ghost fairy lights and hanging decorations too. I’m obsessed haha.

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