Halloween Costumes for Cats

October 23, 2017
Halloween Tag cat

The other day I was browsing shops looking at their Halloween stock when I came across some pet costumes. Now of course I already knew you could get outfits for your pets. Having previously dressed my other cat, may she rest in peace, up for Christmas in a little Santa hat and collar.

But I had no idea that you could get Halloween costumes! Obviously I had to buy a couple for my kitten, Gaston. (yes, we named him after the Disney villain)

Costume 1:

The first one I bought was from Poundland. It’s a thin black material with a white skeleton on the back and Velcro underneath to fasten. Putting the costume on him was fairly easy, the only struggle was getting his legs through it because he was getting slightly confused and wouldn’t lift his front legs up.

I may be a little biased here but I thought he looked adorable. The costume fit him well, I got it in a size small, but as he’s not even a year old yet I think he will eventually grow out of it. As much as I liked it Gaston wasn’t too sure. He rolled around a lot and started waddling instead of walking or running normally. I think he felt it was a bit too constricting and didn’t like the feel of it on him. He wasn’t distressed and it didn’t hurt him, he just didn’t understand it. I left it on for a few minutes before taking it off and then tried it on again the next day with the same results. He just wasn’t into this costume and spent the whole time biting at it.

Costume 2:

I went online and tried to find another one that wasn’t something that went over his whole body. There were many hats, capes and collar accessories that were really sweet but expensive. I couldn’t justify spending £12 on something he might not like again, or only wear for this Halloween. Then I came across a fun little, spider collar on Amazon for around £5, so I bought that and it arrived the next day.

Gaston much preferred this one. He still tried to attack it while it was on, but only because the spider’s legs moved when he moved, which was far too tempting to leave alone. Since it wasn’t over his body he moved freely and kept it on for a longer period of time. Again I thought he looked bloody adorable and was really happy with this product. He even wanted to go outside to show his neighbourhood cat friends but I took it off before he could as I didn’t want it getting lost…or his friends getting jealous.

Overall I am happy with both products and glad I bought them. I’m a little disappointed he didn’t like the skeleton costume as that would’ve been his official Halloween outfit. The spider collar is great though, it not only looks cute but it’s hilarious too.

Can you tell yet that I am a crazy cat lady? Even if you’re not a cat person you can’t deny the cuteness of Gaston in these Halloween costumes. I will of course be getting him something to wear for Christmas! I hope you enjoyed this post, even if it was a little strange, let me know what you thought of the costumes and if you dress your pet up too! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram and Twitter too, I will follow everyone back as per usual. Thanks for reading!



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