Halloween Decoration Wishlist

October 6, 2021
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Halloween Decoration Wishlist

We all know how much I love Halloween and buying all the tacky decorations to put up in my house for the entire month. Over the years I’ve gathered quite the collection of spooky spiders, cute pumpkins, haunted houses, ghoulish ghosties and more. But is it ever enough? NO! While I’ve been very disappointed with the lack of Halloween decorations in shops this year, that hasn’t stopped me from browsing online and filling my virtual baskets with an abundance of products. Here’s everything currently on my Halloween decoration wishlist:

Halloween Projector

We now have a Christmas projector but I’d love one for Halloween too. It’s such a small, simple thing but it’s really effective in making your decorations look extra. I think it’d look amazing with ghosts and pumpkins and skulls and other spooky creatures flying all over the front of the house.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

Trick or Treat Apron

How adorable is this trick or treat apron? I don’t know why I’ve suddenly got so into aprons, as someone who doesn’t bake all that often anymore. But, I’m really in the mood to have one for every season and holiday and this one is perfect! I love the colour and the design. Cats and dogs in pumpkins and costumes, what could be better?!

Halloween Decoration Wishlist


Trick or Treat Oven Gloves

Of course, there are also these cute pumpkin oven gloves too which I absolutely need with the apron. With this set, I’ll just be your standard spooky baking b*tch.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

White Pumpkin Scented Vampire Gnome Candle

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with candles. My husband occasionally enjoys counting how many I have in each room and pointing out how ridiculous it is. But, I will still continue to buy more – especially if they’re Halloween-themed like this adorable vampire gnome candle. I love that the hat even has a little bat on it too.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

Halloween Fairy Lights

These Halloween fairy lights would look amazing draped over our fireplace in amongst all the other decorations we have. Sure, we already have a few sets of spooky fairy lights but there’s always room for more. I’m sure these will fit in perfectly well and will give the room a pretty cosy glow.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

Halloween LED Candle Lantern

I’ve had a Halloween lantern for years now which I always put out with my pumpkin but it’s seen better days and it’s definitely time to replace it with a new one. I really love the look of this one from Not on the High Street, with its orange glow and spooky scene. It also looks like it’d be a bit sturdier than my current one so this is a must-have!

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

Halloween Neon Stake Lights

I’ve never seen anything like these before and I’m obsessed! Halloween neon stake lights for outside, I know exactly where I’d put them. We have a line of small bay trees and I think they would look amazing between each one. These are definitely extra and I love that more and more people are going all out for their Halloween decorations.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

Halloween Bats Wall Sticker Set

This is another product I can see working really well just above our fireplace. As our walls are dark green it’ll only add to the spookiness of it all. But, somehow, I don’t think my husband will approve of me sticking stickers all over the walls haha. Plus, knowing me, I’d definitely want to keep these up all year round.

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus Doormat

Lastly, I’m in desperate need of a new Halloween doormat as my last one faded and this is perfect! I love the Hocus Pocus movie and I’m a big fan of the added spider and bat details too. It’s a really fun doormat (which is a thing) and something that’ll really spruce up my front door area for Halloween. Just imagine a couple of carved pumpkins next to it and a spooky lantern too!

Halloween Decoration Wishlist

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween decoration wishlist! Let me know in the comments which items above are your favourite and if you decorate for Halloween too.

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  • Chanelle

    October 6, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    The mat, the stake lights and fairy lights are cute!

    1. Hollie

      October 10, 2021 at 7:29 pm

      I’m definitely going to have to get the stake lights!

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