HUGE Autumn Clothing Haul! | 2017

October 17, 2017

I’ve no doubt  said a million and one times that autumn is my favourite season and when the warm and cosy clothes start coming into store I am there picking everything up and worrying about the bill later.  I’ve been really excited to share everything I’ve got with you all, like I’m showing friends who will be just as enthusiastic as I am! So without further ado I bring you my huge autumn clothing haul!


Oasis – Foil Swallow Sweat £30

This jumper is incredibly soft, especially on the inside, and cosy with a silver swallow pattern which is very pretty. It fits true to size and has a flattering shape and I think it looks really cute.

Oasis – Simple Tee £14

Next I got this simple t-shirt (and yes I do have a Christmas phone case on already haha). It’s not something I would normally buy, because I usually go for patterns, but I fell in love with the deep red colour. It’s soft and comfortable to wear and I pair it with black or grey jeans, a silver leaf necklace from Accessorize and sometimes a black cardigan.

Monsoon – Cali Chevron Lace Insert Jumper was £49 now £39.20


I love this jumper, I think it’s so cute and different. As you can see in the picture it’s decorated with lace at the neckline that shows a little bit of skin, it also has lace on the bottom of the sleeves too. It’s a short length and quite fitted and can be worn casually or dressed up.

Oasis – Rib Side Perfect Crew £28

Next I got this plain, basic jumper in a deep green colour that the camera struggled to pick up. It’s super soft and cosy and  looks really cute with a long necklace, scarf and boots.

Oasis – Kimono Shirt £39

Shirts are one of my favourite things to wear because I find them so slimming and flattering. I have a wardrobe full of them and had to restrain myself from buying loads more this autumn that are similar to what I already own! After seeing this one I realised I had nothing else like it in my wardrobe so had to get it. I love the colour and it matches perfectly with some of my purple lipsticks. It’s very pretty and again can be dressed up or down.

Levi – 710 FlawlessFX Super Skinny Jeans £85

Picture from the Levi website
I’ve wanted a pair of Levi jeans for a long time but could never justify it, my boyfriend has always raved about them and managed to convince me to just try a pair on. I loved them. They fit perfectly and despite being super skinny they are so comfortable and stretchy. The black jeans I wear in the majority of the pictures in this post are the Levi ones, so you can see how intense the colour is and how well they fit. These feel like very good quality, they are a lot thicker compared to my other jeans so I hope these will last me for years.

Oasis – Kissing Swan Embroidered Knit £40

This jumper is so cute! Oasis have been doing a lot of animal printed clothes lately and I have been loving it. It’s navy blue with two sequinned, kissing swans on the front which is adorable. Despite already owning their t-shirt with swans, giraffes and a jumper with a zebra on I couldn’t resist this. It’s soft and cosy and definitely one of my favourite jumpers for autumn.

Oasis – Lily Stiletto Skinny Jeans was £45 now £28

I got these jeans in the sale which I was so happy about because I had wanted them for a long time. I really love the colour of these, a dark indigo that I thought was so different and not something I see often. They’re described as ankle grazers but at 5’3 they fall below my ankle and scrunch up a little bit but I don’t really mind that.

Oasis – Laura Cable Knit £36

I got this cable knit jumper in the same dark green as the basic, perfect crew jumper. I love a cable knit, it’s such a classic autumnal look and I’m love with this deep, jewel toned green. Last year I got a navy one which was quite fitted so I went a size up this year because I wanted it a bit looser and it’s much more comfortable.


Monsoon – Cherie Conversational Jumper was £49 now £39.20

This jumper is simple yet adorable! I’m not usually one for slogans on clothes but I loved the little sequin cherries so made an exception. Again it’s a fitted jumper, which I feel is quite slimming, and it’s so soft, probably due to the fact that it is 100% cotton.

Oasis – Rosetti 40s Sleeve Tee £32

I have never owned anything yellow before, I didn’t think it would suit me with my skin tone and hair colour, so this was different. I’m really glad I tried this on because I love it and think it’s so pretty and autumnal. I also really like the 40s style sleeve.

Oasis – Long Line Edge to Edge Cardi £40

I do love an oversized, cosy cardigan, they are perfect for those autumn days where it’s not cold enough to wear a coat. This is a fairly lightweight cardigan with splits down the side and pockets. It’s slouchy, comfortable and something that will become a staple in my wardrobe.

Accsessorize – Moon and Star Ring £6

Annoyingly I couldn’t find this on the website so I can’t link it for you, but it is in stores. I love the look and style of this statement ring and think it’s a really pretty, autumnal accessory.

Monsoon – Bella Bow Boots £69

I really struggled finding boots that I liked this year, then I saw these in Monsoon and fell in love! They’re suede with quite a big heel and a cute, statement bow. They also come in red and navy but I felt the tan would be easier to wear and more versatile. So far they’ve been comfortable to wear, the only issue I have is getting used to the height because I don’t wear heels often. I’m so happy with these boots, they look really sophisticated and having owned monsoon boots before I know they’ll last me for years.

Oasis – Annabelle Check Scarf £18

Is this not the most autumnal scarf you’ve ever seen?! I wasn’t expecting to buy a new scarf this season as I already have several, but when I saw this orange, navy and khaki checked one I knew it needed to come home with me. It’s incredibly soft, cosy and warm and gives me all the autumn vibes.

Monsoon – Heather Button Coat £149

Saving my favourite item for last, you may recall seeing this in my Coat Wishlist post. The same day that post went up I went out and bought the coat I lusted after most and I am so happy I did! This coat is beautiful and I can’t wait until it gets cold enough to wear it. I love it so much and it will definitely be a timeless piece in my autumn/winter wardrobe.

While writing this post I realised just how much navy I’ve bought this season! It definitely is one of my favourite colours to wear during autumn but I think going forward I’m going to try and branch out into other colours haha. I hope you enjoyed this post and that it gave you some inspiration, please let me know which items in this haul is your favourite, I’d love to know! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, I’d love you forever if you do, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date. Thanks for reading!


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