Longleat Autumn Festival

October 29, 2017

On Wednesday the 25th October my boyfriend, Jaz, and I had planned a trip to the Longleat autumn festival. After having gone to their Halloween festival last year we were both very excited to go and celebrate the best time of year. I took a LOT of pictures throughout the day and luckily the sun was out which made everything look beautiful. We arrived at Longleat around 1pm. I love the drive toward the park as you get a stunning view of the house.

Longleat are currently preparing for their annual Festival of Light, held in December. There were a lot of fairy-tale characters and decorations being built, including the giant Christmas tree. This made me unbelievably excited as we have plans to go to the Festival of Light this year.

The first thing Jaz and I did when we entered was make a plan of what we wanted to do. We had a haunted house tour at 2:30, so we had an hour to kill and decided to save some of the longer activities, such as the maze and train ride, until later. We walked around, getting our bearings, and looked at some of the animals. I got to hold a snake which was amazing! I’ve held a few snakes before and can never get over how smooth and dry they feel.

We then went into one of my favourite parts. The bat caves. I adore bats, I think they’re very cute, fascinating creatures and I love watching them fly around.

Since the bat caves are very dark it was difficult taking a good quality picture. The two pictures below were the best, out of the hundreds I took, where you can clearly see the bats.

I don’t understand how people can not like these little, friendly animals! After the bat caves we bought a couple tubs of sweets and went for a walk around the house.

As you can see Cinderella’s carriage is parked and ready outside the front of the house. I am so excited to see everything all lit up and looking Christmassy!

It was then time for our haunted house tour which I don’t have any pictures of. We met up with our group at the back of the house and were taken inside the cellars by a man dressed in an old, Victorian costume. It was pitch black, the only light coming from a very small torch the man held, and we were in a lot of very confined spaces. He told us ghost stories as we made our way through the house, some of which were very disturbing! Doors slammed, creepy music randomly played, the chilling voices of children could be heard and ghosts kept popping up to scare us. It was so much fun and really interesting to see the inside of the house in a different way.

The tour lasted for an hour and afterwards me and Jaz looked around a couple of shops and entered a mirror maze. Those are so confusing! I literally have my hand out the entire time. Even though I can see myself in the mirror it just doesn’t compute in my brain so I have to touch it to make sure it’s definitely a mirror haha.

We then went on a very scenic train ride around the park. It was so beautiful and we even got to see some reindeer!

There was a building which had all the classic autumn activities in. Pumpkin carving, apple pressing, face painting, owl displays, hayrides and a man carving sculptures with a chainsaw. It looked like a lot of fun but unfortunately most of it was for children. While we are big kids ourselves we just didn’t feel right trying to squeeze into a tractor designed for a five year old.

The last thing we did before leaving was the maze/pumpkin trail. Despite the pumpkin trail being for 3-15 year old children we took a card and proceeded to find all the letters required to win a prize. The maze is so much fun! It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve done it before we still get lost and struggle to find  the platform in the middle. We were in the maze for nearly 20 minutes before finally reaching the middle. Just in time to catch the sunset.

After completing the maze and getting our prize, a Longleat button to go on a lanyard, we drove back home listening to Christmas songs and getting excited for our next trip in December. Longleat is a fantastic place to visit and somewhere I would highly recommend. There are so many activities to do for both adults and children and this time of year they really go the extra mile to make everything feel festive and magical.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you’ve either been to Longleat or are planning to. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter too, I will of course follow back. Thanks for reading!


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