My Autumn Playlist

October 13, 2018
My Autumn Playlist

I go through a lot of different phases when it comes to music. In fact, I don’t really listen to it all that often. Most of the time I’m listening to show tunes, Disney songs or cheesy 90’s/00’s hits. When the autumn and Halloween season comes though I’m always in the mood for something a little darker, chilled and moody. Something that I can listen to on the way to work or while writing blog posts to get in the cosy mood. I’ve seen a few people sharing their Spotify playlists so today I thought I’d share with you my autumn playlist.

I love every song on this playlist! They all make me think of autumn and Halloween and I get so excited listening to it. Despite there being pretty dark songs this playlist just makes me so happy knowing my favourite time of year is here.

Some of my favourite songs on this playlist are:

  • This is Halloween – This song gets me so excited and hyped for Halloween! It’s the perfect song to listen to as autumn begins. Plus it just reminds me that it’s now acceptable to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas!
  • What’s This? – Again this makes me think of A Nightmare Before Christmas, it’s such a great song to get you excited for both Halloween and Christmas.
  • In Love With a Monster – I only know of this song because of the Hotel Transylvania movies, which is why it always reminds me of Halloween. It’s a pretty fun, catchy song that’s great to sing to in the shower haha.
  • Welcome to the Black Parade – This song just takes me back to my teenage emo phase, I was a massive fan of My Chemical Romance and thought it was a very fitting song for this playlist.
  • High Hopes – I’ve been so obsessed with song lately, it had to go on the playlist!
  • Killer Queen – I’m a HUGE fan of Queen, again they’re great to sing to in the shower. I’ve put a few of my favourite Queen songs in this playlist as the Bohemian Rhapsody movie will be in cinema’s here in a couple weeks which I am very excited for!
  • On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons are my favourite band and this song makes me feel really happy. It reminds me of long car journeys in the car with my fiance as they’re the only band both of us like haha and we tend to take a lot of long trips this time of year.
  • Harry Potter Main Theme – Harry Potter always reminds me of autumn. Having cosy nights in under the blanket and watching the films with a hot chocolate is something I always love doing this time of year so the music is really comforting to me.
  • Alice’s Theme – The whole Alice soundtrack is great but this particular piece of music sounds pretty creepy and chilling and I love it for autumn and Halloween!

What songs are on your autumn playlist?

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