Top Movies to Cosy Up To This Autumn

October 15, 2021
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One of my favourite things to do this time of year is curl up on the sofa under a blanket with a hot chocolate and watch some of my favourite cosy/spooky movies. Halloween and Christmas movies are, without a doubt, the best kind! They’re nostalgic and funny, creepy yet comforting and I love them. These movies bring me so much joy and instantly puts me in the autumn and Halloween mood.

Here are my top 10 movies to cosy up to this autumn:

1. Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is a childhood classic and one of the first movies I watch this time of year. I love being reunited with the Sanderson sisters and truly believe it’s one of the best Halloween movies to cosy up to. Also, Hocus Pocus 2, starring the original Sanderson sisters actresses is set to be released in autumn 2022 which I am beyond excited about!

movies to cosy up to this autumn

2. The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky…The Addams Family is a super fun, dark comedy movie with a bunch of weird and wonderful characters that we all grow to love. It’s definitely a must-watch this season!

movies to cosy up to this autumn

3. Monster House

Monster House is an animated comedy horror movie that, in my opinion, is. one of the most underrated autumn/Halloween movies around but one of the best. I’ve watched this movie every year since I was a teenager absolutely adore it.

movies to cosy up to this autumn

4. The Little Vampire

The Little Vampire is a feel-good, heartwarming, funny and slightly spooky movie about a boy and his vampire best friend and is one of the cutest Halloween movies to ever exist!

movies to cosy up to this autumn

5. Edward Scissorhands

An iconic movie from Tim Burton, Edward Scissorhands tells the story of a man created by an old inventor, with scissors for hands who gets taken into a suburban neighbourhood where he tries to befriend the locals. It’s a really adorable movie with some funny moments and never fails to make me cry.

movies to cosy up to this autumn

6. Harry Potter

It’s not autumn without an annual re-watching of Harry Potter! The perfect Sunday afternoon viewing, Harry Potter was made for this time of year. The movies always bring me such joy and I’ll happily relive the magic again and again.

movies to cosy up to this autumn

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is the pumpkin king and he makes a very important appearance in our home every October! I always look forward to watching The Nightmare Before Christmas and it’s perfect to watch on a dark, rainy night.

8. Coraline

Coraline is one of my biggest comfort movies. The soundtrack is everything, Coraline herself is everything and the whole movie aesthetic is EVERYTHING! It’s the perfect amount of creepy and cute and a great movie to cosy up to.

movies to cosy up to this autumn

9. The Haunted Mansion

Inspired by the Disneyland ride (which is amazing), The Haunted Mansion is a funny and lighthearted movie about a real estate agent visiting a house he wants to sell and discovering that it’s haunted by evil spirits. It’s another childhood classic movie that can be enjoyed by everyone!

movies to cosy up to this autumn

10. Beetlejuice

My favourite Tim Burton movie of all time, Halloween isn’t complete until I’ve watched Beetlejuice! I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this movie. I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember and the dinner party is one of the best scenes I’ve ever watched in my life!

Those are all of my top movies to cosy up to this autumn! Let me know in the comments what movies you like to watch this time of year.

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