Autumn 2020 Fashion Wishlist

September 26, 2020
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My Autumn 2020 Fashion Wishlist

Autumn has finally arrived and so has the urge to buy some new clothes. Sadly, I don’t actually have a wardrobe yet. I’m living out of a suitcase and boxes until we can get someone round to sort out fitted wardrobes. So, buying new clothes isn’t really an option right now. But, that doesn’t stop me from looking and lusting after them! Here’s everything on my autumn 2020 fashion wishlist right now.

Hell Bunny Miss Muffet Pinafore Dress

I’ve recently discovered Hell Bunny and I’m completely obsessed with their clothes! This dress is just so cute and perfect for spooky season with the white bats and spider webs embroidered into it. It even has little pockets too.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Disney Hocus Pocus Spirit Jersey

This spirit jersey has caused quite the uproar amongst Disney fans. After selling out within a couple of minutes on the website, with people buying 20 of them at a time to then sell on eBay for double the price, people were pretty upset. They haven’t been back in stock since but I’m still hopeful that they come back and that maybe I could get my hands on one.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Sugarhill Brighton Catrina Stormy Sky Shirt

This shirt is ideal for those rainy, stormy days. I love the thunderstorm print and the navy blue colour, it’s so autumnal. After owning a few Sugarhill shirts I know they’re a really nice fit and comfy too so there’d be no hesitation here. If only I had wardrobes haha. This shirt also comes with a removable necktie too which adds a cute, 70s vibe to it.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Hell Bunny Vixey Dress

Okay, how adorable is this dress? I love it so much! From the dark green colour, the shape and the style, to the little puffed sleeves and the fox pattern. Everything about it is perfect. It screams autumn! I adore the white collar and the black velvet bow too. Paired with some tights, boots and my favourite, fluffy coat, this would be such a cute outfit!

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Sugarhill Brighton Stacey Fall Star Sleeve Sweater

What kind of autumn fashion wishlist would it be if there wasn’t a cosy jumper? This cute, slouchy jumper looks so comfy and I love the star pattern down the sleeves. This would be great for those autumn days that are a little warmer than usual.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Hell Bunny Trick or Treat Mid Dress

This 50s style dress is actually amazing! The second I saw it and saw the pattern it immediately went on my wishlist. I feel like I would wear this so often during October. If I wasn’t getting married on Halloween this would definitely be my outfit for the day.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Sugarhill BrightonJoy Cyber Candy Shirt

Anything with moons and stars on it and I’m there! The design on this shirt is super pretty and I love that it adds a splash of colour. This particular style is more casual than the other shirt. I think it’s ever so slightly oversized giving it a relaxed, comfy look.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

Hell Bunny Skelli Blouse

Lastly on my list is this amazing blouse that has skeleton pumpkins embroidered on the collar. I love the style and look of this! It’s perfect for October. You can take the tie off too if you want a more subtle spooky look. This blouse gives me major Beetlejuice vibes and I’d love to have it in my non-existent wardrobe.

autumn 2020 fashion wishlist

That’s everything on my autumn 2020 fashion wishlist! Let me know which items are your favourite!

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  • quibblesandscribbles

    September 28, 2020 at 5:46 pm

    I was checking that spirit jersey for DAYS to see if it would restock. I wanted it so bad lol. I’m hoping we didn’t miss it. Everything is so cute and you gave me some ideas for my wardrobe as well 🙂

    1. Hollie

      September 28, 2020 at 8:24 pm

      I’m still checking it every now and then hoping it comes back but no luck! ? So annoying they don’t limit the number to 2 like other places do. Aw yay glad this post helped! ?

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