Summer Fashion Haul 2018

July 21, 2018
Summer fashion haul

To be perfectly honest I have struggled to find summer clothes this year! Maybe that’s down to the fact that I’m no longer working in two clothes shop or have gained half a stone these last few months or simply because I’m not really a fan of the fashion currently out there. Thankfully a few little gems have found their way to me and I’ve managed to put together a brand new summer wardrobe! (I swear next year I’ll lose weight and won’t be so self-conscious about having my arms or stomach on show.) (Yes, I do say that every year).

These are all items I’ve bought over the last couple of months, let me know what you think in the comments!

Asos Cropped Shirt – £25

Cropped shirt

First up is this cropped shirt from Asos, yes that’s right, it’s cropped! As you can see it shows a tiny part of my stomach but I always wear this with high-waisted jeans so I’m comfortable going out. I really liked the colour and style of this shirt and it’s so cool to wear in the warmer weather.

H&M Stripe Dress – £9.99

Stripe dress

This dress was an absolute steal! I’ve never found anything I really like in H&M and their sizes are always so ridiculous but I completely fell in love with this dress and thought it looked so summery. I did have to go up a few sizes for it to fit properly and comfortably but I think it’s a really flattering style and pattern and I can’t wait to wear it.

Oasis Palm Tie-Front Tee – £22

Oasis floral top

No fashion haul of mine is complete without something floral or from Oasis. I have a t-shirt in this exact print that they released last year so when I saw it again in a tie-front style I had to have it. I love the colours and it’s such a comfy t-shirt to wear.

Oasis Jade Skinny Jeans – £40

Oasis jeans


I am obsessed with these jeans! They were pretty daring for me as they are quite a bold colour but I love them and wear them every chance I get. They’re super comfy, super stretchy, super summery and the best part is they match my hair! When I’m wearing these jeans I feel more put together and fashion forward haha.

Primark Harry Potter T-Shirt – £6

Harry Potter tshirt

I could not resist this adorable little harry potter t-shirt, and for only £6 in Primark you couldn’t go wrong! It’s a very soft, standard t-shirt and you can bet I’ll be wearing this to work a lot.

New Look Floral Top – £17.99

Floral top

I really liked the pattern and fit of this top and thought it’d be good for both summer and early autumn as the colours were more autumnal. This is one of the newer items I’ve bought so haven’t had a chance to wear it properly yet but feel like this will be great with a pair of shorts to wear down to the beach.

Asos Oversized Jumper – £25

Asos yellow jumper

I had autumn in mind and bought this mainly for that transition period between summer and autumn. I love the bright sunny colour and don’t actually own anything yellow so this was a first for me! It’s very baggy and cosy and way too warm to wear right now but in those late summer evenings, this will be perfect.

Oasis Floral Wrap Dress – £8.50

Oasis floral dress

I can’t remember what the original price of this dress was but I managed to pick it up in the sale for £8.50! I was in a rush trying to find something to wear for a work summer BBQ event and was rushing around downtown panicking when I came across this. It’s a really flattering fit, suitable for work and has a longer sleeve length which is great for me as I really despise my arms and hate getting them out. It was the only one left and in my size too so this was a real lucky find!

Ted Baker Suzaine Embellished Collar Jumper – £79

ted baker jumper

Ted baker jumper

I have been longing to own an item of clothing from Ted Baker and when they emailed me to say they were having a sale I couldn’t resist. I splashed out and bought this gorgeous navy blue embellished jumper which was originally £130 down to £70! It’s not exactly a summer item but I had to include it! It’s incredibly soft and fits really well. I love the scallop detail and the embellished collar and when the weather starts to cool down I will be wearing this a lot more. I think I can safely say there will be a lot more Ted Baker pieces of clothing in my wardrobe in the future!

That’s everything I got for this summer! As I mentioned earlier summer isn’t my favourite season, especially for clothes and I’m just counting down the days until Autumn makes an appearance. I guarantee my autumn clothes haul will be a lot bigger haha. However I do really like everything I got, it took me a while to find it all but I think I got some really good pieces and I’m very happy with my summer wardrobe this year.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this post and don’t forget to like and leave a comment below letting me know what your favourite item in this haul is!



  • Sarah

    July 23, 2018 at 1:49 am

    So many cute things! Especially loving the cropped top and new look floral one 🙂

    1. Hollie

      July 25, 2018 at 12:40 pm

      Ah I’ve just seen this! ? Thank you though, I’m really surprised at how much I liked the cropped top haha

  • antoniaconduah

    August 1, 2018 at 11:10 am

    Cute outfits! Love the cute Harry Potter one!

    1. Hollie

      August 1, 2018 at 12:35 pm

      Thank you! The Harry Potter t-shirt is adorable haha

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