Mini Lush Haul and Review

August 19, 2017

My Lush obsession is clear to everyone who knows me. I just can’t get enough of the colourful bath bombs, sweet smelling shower gels and cleansing face masks. Unfortunately for me I don’t get to go very often as I live in a small-ish, town in Somerset where there isn’t a store nearby.

About a month ago, on a shopping trip with my family, I happened to come across a Lush store!  So of course I headed straight there to pick up a few bath bombs and get my fix. I limited myself to only buying three, I’m sure many of you have fallen into the trap of putting products into your basket only to find out at the checkout your total is in the three figure range.

I decided to choose three bath bombs I had never tried before, rather than going for my usual favourites.

The first one I picked up was ‘Metamorphosis’, a grey, glitter bath bomb with a faint, earthy scent. I then chose ‘Over and Over’, which smelled very citrusy and was orange on top and yellow on the bottom. Lastly I chose ‘Think Pink’, I  was most excited for this one as it was bright pink, glittery and smelled very sweet.



I really liked the smell of this, it was dark and spicy but not overpowering at all, just a faint, pleasant scent that filled the room and the colour intrigued me. I hoped it would stay a dark, shimmery grey with a splash of colour.

It dissolved very quickly and as much as I hate to say it, I was pretty disappointed. The colours inside merged together, resulting in a dirty, grey colour with no glitter. The scent was still just as lovely, but I didn’t spend long in the bath as the look and feel of it wasn’t very special. It also left a black ring around the bathtub that took a while to scrub off. Needless to say I won’t be re-purchasing this bath bomb.

Over and Over:


This bath bomb smelled SO good! Personally I love citrussy scents and thought this had such a clean, sharp smell. The orange half was very smooth, much like a bath melt, so I expected this bath to be very moisturising, while the yellow half was crumbly and powdery like a regular bath bomb.


When first putting this in the water it turns into a yellow froth and then pink begins to shoot out from it making the water turn into a beautifully vibrant sunset. I was able to clearly see the oils on top and felt the moisture sink into my skin. This was a very relaxing bath and I definitely will be re-purchasing this over and over.

Think Pink:


Think Pink was  the one I was looking forward to using most. Out of all the Lush bath bombs I’ve tried  the pink, sparkly, sweet  ones are always my favourites. I absolutely adore Lush’s Christmas range and the scent of this one reminded me of those, if you’re a fan of Snow Fairy then you’ll be a fan of this.

Just look at that beauty! I was in the bath for so long I turned into a prune but it was completely worth it. When you put this in the water it starts as a pale, pastel pink, after a few minutes it transforms into a hot pink with paler colours all merging together.  I loved watching the glitter swirling around and was happy to see that it didn’t stain my bath , it also left my skin feeling very soft and clean. This was, without a doubt, the best one of the three and one that I will re-purchase not only for myself but for gifts too.

I hope you all enjoyed my mini haul, if you did please leave a like and comment, if you’ve tried any of these products I would love to know your thoughts. Also you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, I’m always on the hunt for new bloggers and will of course be following everyone back.


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