Brighton, Birthdays and House Viewings!

September 16, 2017

Hey Everyone! Last week was so busy and filled with exciting, nerve wrecking and crazy things that I couldn’t wait to share with you all. My boyfriend, Jaz, and I have been planning this week for months and it was perfect, I’m pretty sad it’s all over now but we had a great time, learned a lot and really progressed in terms of our future together.

Monday 4th September:

My day started at five o’clock in the morning where I caught the train to London to meet Jaz. We’ve been in a long distance relationship for the past six years, with him mainly driving to Somerset and me occasionally travelling to London. It’s normally a three hour journey which doesn’t sound like long, but with work and other commitments we only get to physically see each other about once a month, so we always make the most of our time together. 

After we met and had a quick catch up, we grabbed a McDonald’s and drove down to Brighton. We had a room booked in The Grand Hotel, right on the sea front, unfortunately it was under renovations so I didn’t get any pictures of the outside as it was covered in a big, white tent. That was pretty disappointing but inside was beautiful and luxurious and the staff were so friendly and helpful.


Our room was a really good size and, like the rest of the hotel, was beautifully decorated, clean and just so fancy! We unpacked a few things, freshened up from all the travel and then Jaz pulled out a Magnum bottle of champagne that he’d got from work as a bonus…it was going to be a crazy night haha.

We had quite a few hours to kill before our dinner reservation so we explored Brighton. The last time we visited, a few years ago, we absolutely fell in love with place, it’s somewhere we would eventually like to move to in the future.

We walked along the beach for a while, making our way toward the pier, it was a pretty grey day and insanely windy but that wasn’t going to stop us from going to the beach. The pier was packed and buzzing with life and there was so much to do! There was a fortune tellers caravan offering tarot card readings, silly cut outs to put your face in and take pictures, little tourist shops, cafe’s, arcade games and  fun fair rides.  We bought some sweets and wandered down the pier taking pictures of Brighton and enjoying the whole atmosphere.

We then made our way to The Lanes, somewhere I can very easily get lost in. The shops were amazing, for someone who lives in a small town in the country where there are no decent shops I was pretty overwhelmed and wanted to go in them all. We browsed through The White Company, Space NK, Ted Baker and others but the only shop we actually bought something in was Lush. Jaz got the Boom toothy tabs, and discovered back at the hotel that they taste awful haha but will persevere to get super white teeth, and I got the Cosmetic Warrior face mask (review coming soon).

We went back to the hotel to get ready for our meal and bar crawl. We had a table booked at Jamie’s Italian and it was SO good! I would highly recommend it. The hosts and waiters were extremely nice and accommodating and the restaurant had a really warm, cosy, romantic feel to it. We ordered a bottle of red wine, which went down very well, and garlic bread to start and then for mains Jaz had a burger and I had spaghetti bolognese which was so tasty it put my homemade one to shame haha.

After not eating much throughout the day the wine got us pretty tipsy so we decided to skip dessert and hit the bars. One of the first bars we went to was hosting a hen do which looked out of control! A couple of girls were dancing with a very older man, the bride was going round crossing things of her list, like getting a piggy back ride from a stranger, and I got a free drink! We stayed there for a while, watching and laughing at the hen do antics. I was straight on the double vodkas and got fairly drunk, to the point where I spilled half my drink down myself.

We then moved on to Revolution Bar which is where we ended up spending the whole night. I’ll be honest, I don’t remember a lot of what we did there. I know we drank, danced, sang and took a lot of drunken pictures.

When Jaz was ready to go I apparently bought another round which I have no recollection of, the only evidence of this is my bank statement…oops! The last things I remember is walking (stumbling) along the beach and then Jaz passing out in bed and me spending hours on the floor in the bathroom…it was a great night haha.

Tuesday 5th September:

Tuesday was Jaz’s birthday and I woke up feeling extremely delicate, I hadn’t had a hangover that bad in such a long time! While Jaz was in the shower I forced myself out of bed, still feeling pretty dizzy, and got his presents out of my suitcase and arranged them on the little table.

I got him a navy blue tie with little sausage dogs wearing red jumpers for work, Amercian Crew Pomade, Paco Rabbane 1 Million, a leather table tidy, and a gingerbread knight haha. After he opened them and used the hair pomade we made our way down to breakfast. Needless to say I didn’t eat much, for some reason Jaz wasn’t hungover at all so he got to enjoy a big breakfast buffet.

We then checked out, said our goodbyes to Brighton and headed to Essex where we would be celebrating his birthday with his mum and brother. We got to Lakeside around mid-day and I bought us lunch at Five Guys, I was feeling a lot better at this point, and then we wondered round the shopping centre.

Lakeside happens to be one of the only places where Debenhams actually stocks Kat Von D in store, so of course I had to go in. I promised Jaz I wouldn’t be long as obvioulsly he didn’t want to spend his birthday looking at makeup haha. Luckily I had done my research before and knew exactly what I wanted to get. I got Damned liquid lipstick which is a very deep burgandy colour and also managed to get a couple free samples of her new perfume which I haven’t tested yet.

We then went to pick up Jaz’s brother and made our way over to his mum’s house where there were balloons, cake and of course more presents! From his mum he got Tom Ford Noir, a window cleaning vac he had wanted for his car for a long time and an incredible, custom made cake.


We spent the rest of the night eating cake, samosa’s and pizza, watching a movie, talking and telling embarrassing stories about Jaz haha it was a really fun, relaxed evening.

Wednesday 6th September:

Today was the day we were having our very first house viewing! We were beyond excited for this, we finally have our deposit together which was the biggest thing, so now we are working on everything else involved in the process and will hopefully move in together and become home owners next year! I really can’t wait, we’ve already bought a few little bits for a house we don’t even have yet haha. We are looking to buy a new build house so we travelled to Chelmsford to look at one of the developments we were considering.

It was kind of confusing to start and we had a lot of questions but we got into the swing of it and ended up viewing three of the available houses. We hated every single one. It was a huge disappointment but we were still trying to stay positive, saying it was only the first development and at least we agreed on what we liked and disliked. There was only one style of house that we liked but we were only able to see a five bed, rather than our ideal three bed, which was way too big so we couldn’t picture ourselves living there.

We left pretty disheartened and made our way to Bluewater for lunch, all while talking about what our next steps were. As we were coming up to Bluewater Jaz spotted another development so we made a spontaneous stop to take a look around. It was perfect! It was right in our budget, three bedrooms, traditional and homey and a ten minute walk to Bluewater! We loved it so much and felt a lot happier that we actually found something.

We spoke to a sales person and signed up to their mailing list so we should be getting some brochures and information through soon. We’re not in a position to buy just yet, there’s a few work related things we’re waiting on as Jaz is technically self employed, but we were thrilled that we found something we liked and could work toward, so we will definitely be looking at more houses from this development.

We did a bit more shopping at Bluewater, I got another Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, like I don’t already have enough of those, some black Levi Jeans, Halloween decorations and some new underwear and Jaz bought a couple of t-shirts and a bomber Jacket before we drove back to Somerset and spent the next couple days relaxing, watching movies and eating an obscene amount.

I hope you enjoyed this super long post, if you made it this far then ten points to your house! We had such an amazing week and I can’t describe to you how excited I am for our future plans. Don’t forget to subcribe to my blog if you want to be emailed every time I post, also follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date to with me, I will of course follow everyone back.



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