British People try American Sweets

February 20, 2019
American Sweets

Some of my favourite Youtube videos to watch are the ones where British people try American sweets and vice versa. I think they’re really funny and it’s so interesting to see the difference. As my fiance’s mother went to Canada a few weeks ago I asked if she could pick up a bunch of American/Canadian sweets and chocolate that I could try for a blog post!

So on Sunday me, Jaz, my mother and my sister all sat down and munched on American/Canadian treats and here are our thoughts:


Twizzlers - American Sweets

I’ve heard a lot about these and was a little confused at first as they claim to be liquorice, but I realise now British liquorice is a completely different thing. I was definitely excited to try these though as they looked like thick, strawberry laces which I love.

Mum – Definitely has a very strong strawberry scent, feels very rubbery though. Despite the scent, there is no flavour at all, feels like I’m eating plastic. 0.5/5

Charlotte – I really love the smell but was very disappointed in the taste, there was just nothing there. 1/5

Jaz – Not a fan of these at all, the scent is the only redeeming thing about them. They taste plastic and artificial, wouldn’t have them again. 1/5

Hollie – I had really high hopes for these but was disappointed. How can something that smells that good taste so bland?! 1/5

White Fudge Covered Oreos

Oreo - American Sweets

Obviously, Oreos are available in the UK but as far as I’m aware you can’t get them covered in white fudge. I had something similar in Greece a few years ago and was obsessed so I was very excited to receive these!

Mum – I really don’t like Oreo’s but these smell very good. They taste extremely sweet, almost too sweet which is unusual for me to say. Definitely prefer them to regular Oreo’s though. 2/5

Charlotte – Same as mum, I don’t like Oreo’s at all…or white chocolate so I’m a fan of the smell. They’re very crumbly and I found them messy to eat. They’re okay but not my favourite. 3/5

Jaz – These look a little strange but I have high hopes, they smell and taste really good. The only issue is you can’t do the classic twist and break! 4/5

Hollie – Okay these smell amazing, I love white chocolate! They taste really good too but they’re very sickly so I couldn’t have a whole pack like I could with regular Oreo’s. These are my favourites so far. 5/5

Nestle Turtles

Nestle Turtles - American Sweets

I wasn’t too sure on these as I don’t like caramel but Jaz, who has tried these before when he was in Canada last, raved about them!

Mum – So my first problem is that these look absolutely nothing like a turtle! More like a turtle with his head chopped off and 3 legs. It smells like toffee and they taste okay, no strong flavours though. 2/5

Charlotte – Yup, I approve. It smells nice and chocolatey and tastes similar to a Snickers bar. 5/5

Jaz – One word: Delightful! 5/5

Hollie – They’re smaller than I had imagined them to be and I hadn’t read the packaging so I didn’t know they had nuts in which I don’t like. Despite the fact I don’t like nuts or caramel, they weren’t that bad but I wouldn’t buy or reach for them. 2/5

Maple Biscuits

Maple cookies - American sweets

So Jaz’s mum brought several boxes of these back as she loves them. They definitely looked and sounded good so I had high hopes. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them as I took them for my friends to try as they have a special biscuit review Instagram page…which is probably the most British thing I’ve ever said haha.

Mum – Very nice maple syrup aroma, good crunch and tastes like a cinnamon custard cream. I have nothing bad to say about these! 5/5

Charlotte – These look adorable and smell great, could easily eat the whole box. 5/5

Jaz – I wasn’t expecting them to taste as good as they do so that was a nice surprise. 5/5

Hollie – I was really impressed with these. Custard Creams are my favourite biscuit and these are a thicker, more cinnamon tasting version. Really wish I had another box now! 5/5

White Chocolate Kit Kat

Kit Kat - American Sweets

From watching many ‘British tries American sweets’ videos I’ve learned that Kit Kats apparently taste different in America so I wanted to try them. I don’t remember ever seeing a white chocolate Kit Kat in the UK either, I could be wrong though.

Mum – I wasn’t really expecting there to be a difference, a Kit Kat is just a Kit Kat, but it wasn’t as good! It wasn’t as crunchy as a regular Kit Kat and the taste was off. 2/5

Charlotte – Again I don’t normally like white chocolate but this was surprisingly good. I’d definitly have it again. 4/5

Jaz – This was really strange, it was very soft when I was expecting a good crunch. It had a good flavour although I still prefer ours. 3/5

Hollie – I agree with all the others in that it was very soft, you didn’t get the satisfying crunch and I’m not sure why. It definitly tasted good but was very sickly which you don’t get with a regular Kit Kat here. 4/5

Oh Henry

Oh Henry - American Sweets

I was excited to try these until I saw it contained more caramel and nuts. It seems so many American treats include those ingredients!

Mum – These are very cute and smaller than I expected. They taste good, like a smaller, softer version of a Snickers bar. 3/5

Charlotte – Very chewy but still good, would definitely take these with me to work for lunch or a little snack. 4/5

Jaz – Like the others said these just remind me of a Snickers bar. They’re okay, not the greatest but I’ll still eat them. 3/5

Hollie – I did not like these at all. I hated everything, the taste and texture and it smelled very strongly of peanuts. Only had a small bite and threw the rest away. 0/5

Hershey’s Cookies and Cream

Hershey Bar - American Sweets

Of course, we had to try a Hershey’s bar and see if American chocolate is as bad as people say!

Mum – This is a really skinny bar of chocolate! I don’t really like the smell of it, smells quite bitter. It was okay, it didn’t have the velvety smooth, melt in your mouth kind of texture I’m used to and the flavour disappeared quickly. 1/5

Charlotte – I really didn’t like the smell so didn’t try it.

Jaz – I actually quite liked it. I’m not really a big chocolate eater and this tasted just as I expected really, I liked the crunchy cookie bits too. 4/5

Hollie – It smelled like a cheap chocolate bar and tasted like the basic chocolate you get in advent calendars, nothing too special but not bad either. I also liked the cookie crunch to it and would probably eat the whole bar. 4/5


Riesen - American Sweets

After doing some research I discovered these are made by the same brand who make Werther’s Originals so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I was hopeful. I thought they looked good on the packet.

Mum – I’m pretty hopeful for these and imagine they’ll taste similar to a Cadbury Eclair. I didn’t really have a scent to it but it had a good texture. However, it really wasn’t nice chocolate and again there was just no flavour at all. 1/5

Charlotte – I thought they smelled good, like caramel, but it was really hard to bite into. Wasn’t worth the struggle to chew in my opinion. 0/5

Jaz – Doesn’t smell great, and like Charlotte said it’s way too hard to chew. I’m not a fan of these at all! 1/5

Hollie – I liked the smell as it was like very dark chocolate. It was ridiculously chewy though, to the point where my teeth hurt! It didn’t seem to ever end and the flavour wasn’t strong enough to really enjoy. I imagine it’d be good for long car journeys though just for something to chew on. 2/5

Reese Crunchers

Reese Crunchers - American Swee

We have Reese’s in the UK but I haven’t seen this Reese Crunchers around anywhere. I don’t have high hopes as I really dislike Reese’s chocolate.

Mum – These are like chocolate peanut covered rice crispies and have the best taste out of all the sweets we’ve tried so far. 3/5

Charlotte – I love Reese’s chocolate and these are amazing! I could happily eat the whole bag (which she did later on). 10/5

Jaz – I definitely like these, easy to eat, very tasty and they smell good. 4/5

Hollie – These smelled disgusting to me! I ate a small piece and nearly gagged, I absolutely hated the flavour, chocolate and peanut butter just doesn’t go together in my opinion. 0/5

Rocky Road Bar

Rocky Road - American sweets

I love love LOVE rocky road so when I found it was in a bar version I was very excited to try it!

Mum – I hate the texture, it’s so squishy and weird! Rocky road isn’t my favourite thing in the world and I found this very bittersweet, there was no after taste at all. 0/5

Charlotte – I like the texture and the smell, it tasted really sweet too which was great. It’s definitely something I’d have again. 4/5

Jaz – I thought this smelled like plastic and I really didn’t like the squishy texture either. The flavour was really bad. Honestly, it was just all cr*p. 0/5

Hollie – I really liked the look and smell of if and the texture was really satisfying. I’m not usually a fan of marshmallow but in rocky road I love it! Unfortuantly, the flavour wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. It wasn’t the worst but I wouldn’t have it again. 2/5

Oreo Brownie

Oreo Brownie - American sweets

Oreo’s and brownies…what could go wrong?!

Mum – It’s very heavy and dense which is just what you want in a brownie! I think if I were to eat the whole thing I’d feel very sick. I like it a lot and it’s probably one of my favourites out of everything we’ve tried, which is odd considering I don’t like Oreo’s. 4/5

Charlotte – Smells like an Oreo, feels like a brownie. (New slogan right there). It tastes okay. I think I like it but it was a bit of nothingness really. 3/5

Jaz – I definitely prefer this to the white fudge covered Oreo’s. It’s got a good texture to it, smells like a chocolate cake, I like it. 4/5

Hollie – I think it smells very good, nice and chocolatey and cakey. However, I was very surprised to find this nearly made me gag too. It tasted like cardboard to me, there was no flavour, no cream filling and it had a really weird, bitter aftertaste which wouldn’t go away. Very disappointing that I hated it when it was one of the things I was looking forward to most. 0/5

Overall I think we all agreed that British sweets/chocolate is far superior, sorry to any American’s reading this! I think it’s because we’re used to much richer, flavoursome treats and the majority of the things we tried were just so bland, which considering the amount of sugar in each is a strange thing to say.

This was definitely a fun and interesting experiment and I’d be up for trying some more American treats. If you’re American let me know in the comments what your favourites treats are and what I should try!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest too. Thanks for reading!


  • Courtney

    February 20, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    Hershey’s really isn’t very good at all and it’s a shame because it’s so common here in the U.S.! It tastes so artificial. I really only like going to our World Market and getting foreign chocolate bars hahaha.
    I agree with you on Twizzlers for sure! I’ve never liked that brand. Red Vines are so much better for the flavor and it feels less like plastic. They are hard to find these days, though!
    This was so fun to read. Thanks for giving them a shot and sharing your thoughts!

    1. Hollie

      February 20, 2019 at 6:34 pm

      I didn’t think Hershey’s were tooooo bad but it definitely wasn’t the type of addictive chocolate I’m used to haha. I was so disappointed with the Twizzlers cause they smelled so good but I’ll make a note of Red Vines for next time though ? xx

  • Lavrax

    February 20, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    Omg I want all of these!!! I need to go visit my friend in America so I can buy them without the extortionate price. I can’t believe Twizzlers aren’t everything that they’re hyped up to me. I want to try both the Oreo treats and the Reeses!! Loooove peanut butter stuff!!

  • Tasha Louise

    February 20, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    Ergh I hate most American sweets! Hershey’s taste weird and I hate peanut butter flavoured things! Agree with the Twizzlers, no flavour at all! Mike and Ike are probably my favourite but you can get them over here anyway! X

    1. Hollie

      February 20, 2019 at 11:03 pm

      I could not handle the peanut butter chocolate things, they were vile! Oh I’ve never heard of that before actually, will have to see if I can find it. ?

  • hanmwill

    February 20, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    That white chocolate kitkat has stolen my heart and now all I want to do is taste it! I also oddly really like twirlers, even though they do taste slightly like plastic, haha! x

    1. Hollie

      February 20, 2019 at 11:28 pm

      The white chocolate Kit Kat looks better than it tasted haha the lack of crunch was so disappointing. I thought I could finish the Twizzlers but the plastic taste just got too much for me but each to their own haha. x

  • danniijane

    February 27, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    Love this! The maple biscuits look delish, I love anything that has a cinnamon taste? I’ve had the white fudge oreos and white kit kat, I liked both. X

    1. Hollie

      February 27, 2019 at 8:09 pm

      The maple biscuits were definitely my favourite. ? I really wish I liked the white Kit Kat, it looked and smelled so good! x

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