Celebrating Halfway to Christmas 2021

June 26, 2021
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Celebrating Halfway to Christmas 2021 ?

It’s that time of year again! The time where I dig out a Christmas jumper and the Christmas movies and celebrate that it’s now halfway to Christmas 2021. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that this is an event that I happily celebrate every year.

For me, this is when the Christmas season begins! I swear I was one of Santa’s elves in a previous life. I’ll start making my lists and budgeting for each person. The Christmas music will start to make an appearance in my playlists. And the Christmas candles will come out of hiding. While it may seem odd to some, it brings me such immense joy knowing that my favourite time of year is almost here. (Sorry summer lovers!)

So, in today’s post, I’ll be showing you how I celebrated it being halfway to Christmas yesterday.

Starting the Day With a Christmas Bath Bomb

It wouldn’t feel like a Christmas celebration without starting the day with a festive bath! I used the Snow Fairy Amazeball which was the last Lush Christmas bath bomb I had leftover from last year. Of course, it smelled amazing and instantly put me in the festive spirit. I’m already so excited for Lush’s Christmas release this year. Definitely need to stock up on as much Snow Fairy shower gel as possible!

halfway to christmas 2021

Christmas Jumpers and Music

After the bath, I then got myself ready while listening to some Christmas music. Doing your standard, everyday makeup routine to ‘Last Christmas’ and ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ really makes me much more enjoyable haha. Thankfully, the day was cool and grey so wearing a Christmas jumper wasn’t unbearable! I wore my Disney Store Jack Skellington Sandy Claws jumper which I got last year and am still so obsessed with it.

halfway to christmas 2021

Christmas Movies and Candles

Once I was ready and feeling ultra-cosy it was time for the best part of the day! I dug out my Christmas candles and decided to light Frosty Gingerbread from Yankee Candle, making the entire living room smell incredible. Then, it was time to choose the movies! Every year I’ll always watch A Muppet Christmas Carol first as one of my all-time favourite Christmas movies. I then watched Nativity and Elf with my husband and a hot chocolate.

halfway to christmas 2021

halfway to christmas 2021

Roast Dinner

To end the day in the most perfect way my husband and I made a delicious roast dinner which my mum and sister joined us for too! We picked up a small turkey from Tesco along with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets, veg and then drowned it all in gravy! We played Christmas songs in the background and as we weren’t able to celebrate Christmas Day together last year, it felt really nice to be able to do this. Almost like a belated celebration.

halfway to christmas 2021

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Or maybe it just filled you with dread haha. Let me know if you’re a big Christmas fan and if you do something to celebrate halfway to Christmas.

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