Disneyland Paris 2018!

June 3, 2018

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll know that over the bank holiday weekend I was having the time of my life in Disneyland Paris! It was the most magical trip, I met Alice and the Mad Hatter, saw Moana, was bowed to by Pluto, Goofy and Captain Hook because I was wearing a tiara the whole time, I cried buckets and…I GOT ENGAGED! There will be a separate post up this Wednesday all about how my boyfriend proposed so stay tuned for that!

For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you some of my pictures, (can’t share them all as there are literally thousands) what we did each day and a video of the shows, parades and the firework display we saw.

I will warn you the video is 29 minutes long, so no hard feelings if you don’t watch it! There are plenty of pictures in this post for you to look at instead. However, the video shows the parade and the fireworks best, to the point where a friend of mine actually cried when she watched it haha. Either way, I hope you enjoy this post!


On Thursday we were up bright and painfully early, 3am to be exact, and travelled to Gatwick. Our plane was at 8am and I was beyond excited! Like many people Disneyland is my favourite place in the entire world, I think I’ve been maybe 5 or 6 times now and each time is just as exciting as the last. I’ve been back home for a week but I’m already planning when I can go again.


We landed at around 10am and had a taxi waiting to take us to the New York hotel in the Disney Park where we were staying.

new york hotel view new york hotel disneyland balloon

After we’d checked in and our suitcases were taken it was time to go into the park and I was bouncing off the walls in excitement!



We spent most of Thursday wandering around the park, getting our bearings and taking loads of pictures. Disneyland Paris is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary so there were a lot of things going on plus they were having a Pirates and Princesses event going on so several times a day there’d be a parade with the pirates and the princesses. I was thrilled the first time I saw this parade as I saw one of my all time favourite characters…PETER PAN!

Peter Pan Captain Hook

We also went into the castle which is absolutely beautiful with the Sleeping Beauty stained glass windows and if you go into the shop there are some stairs leading down to the dragon’s dungeon.


Disneyland disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

We went on the Peter Pan and Pinnochio ride and then it was time for one of my favourite parts of Disneyland…the parade!

Disneyland disneyland Disneyland disneyland

After the parade, we went for dinner in the Inventions Resturant in the main Disneyland Hotel. I had been to this restaurant before when I stayed there in 2016 and it was incredible! It was a character dining experience so certain characters would come in and interact with you, take pictures and sign autographs. Honestly, I don’t remember what the food was actually like because I was too focused on the characters but my boyfriend went up to the buffet several times so I’m pretty confident it was good haha.

Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

After dinner, we wandered through a few shops and then started waiting for Disney Illuminations! We were told that the show started at 9:15pm, however as it wasn’t dark it didn’t actually start until 11pm, we, along with hundreds of other people, had been sitting and waiting since 8:30pm! While that was annoying it was completely worth it. The show absolutely blew me away, I cried the moment the music started playing. I don’t have many pictures but I did film practically the entire thing, skip to around the 20-minute mark in my video to watch it!




Friday was our full day in Disneyland…and we overslept! We had planned to be up at 6 to get ready, eat breakfast and make the most of being able to enter the park an hour early with our magic time, however, we had been up for almost 24 hours the day before, so didn’t wake up until 8am! I was in a panic as I didn’t want to miss a second of Disneyland but we managed to get ready, have breakfast and got into the park by 9am.

We explored the Studio park first, with the hopes of going on the Ratatouille ride but unfortunately, it broke down while we were there. So instead we saw Moana and Buzz Lightyear, wandered through the Toy Story section and then headed back to the Disney park.

disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

We headed to Fantasyland with the intention of doing the maze…that was until I saw the Mad Hatter wandering through the park, and because of my previous experience in Disneyland I knew that wherever the Mad Hatter goes, Alice goes. Despite knowing deep down that these essentially are just normal people in costumes doing a job, I ran after the Mad Hatter and Alice, I was not going to miss a meet and greet with those two! I think my boyfriend was pretty shocked having never seen me run before haha. I adore Alice and meeting her was one of the highlights of this trip!


Still reeling from the fact that I had met Alice and it was everything I had imagined it to be, we made our way over to Frontierland. I love Frontierland, I feel like it’s the part of the whole park where you can really see every little detail they’ve put in, such as horseshoe prints and carriage tracks.

We explored the Swiss Family Treehouse which was really cool and the caves below. Then went to the Aladdin section in search of the genie lamp. It was starting to rain pretty heavily at this point so we didn’t manage to get to the lamp that day and instead had to find some cover, but we did go back the next morning to find it.

Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland


We also got to see the 25th Anniversary show which was so much fun! Lots of different characters from each section of the park came out to sing and dance about their part of Disneyland. You can see the majority of this show in my video!


We then watched the main parade again, did some more shopping (I will be writing a haul post soon!) and then went in search of some food. We ended up eating enormous burgers at Annette’s diner, I could only get through half of mine!

After dinner, we wandered through Discoveryland, as neither of us like Star Wars and the Buzz Lightyear ride we closed we didn’t spend too long there.

Disneyland Disneyland

As you can see in those pictures the clouds were looking dangerously grey. They had been predicting a storm all weekend but aside from a bit of rain earlier in the day, the whole weekend had been super hot and sunny! We kept holding on to the hope that the weather forecast was wrong, but alas, a couple hours before Disney Illuminations it poured down! There were thunder and lightning, wind and rain, I was wearing a dress with no tights and was freezing. Jaz kept saying we should just go back to the hotel but I was adamant, I wanted to see the show again! Desperate times called for desperate measures and we ended up buying these hideous ponchos that everyone was wearing.

disneyland disneyland

I was forced to take my tiara off and needless to say, I was no longer feeling like a Disney Princess haha. My boyfriend thought it was absolutely hilarious and sent both of those pictures to my mum and sister. Despite the rain me and hundreds of others gathered out to watch the show again, there were no fireworks this time, just lasers and fountains but it was still just as amazing and I still got extremely emotional!


I was really hoping that Saturday wouldn’t come as it was the day we were leaving. We had the morning to do some last minute shopping and the things we hadn’t quite found the time for like the maze, a train ride and the carousel.

Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

It was then sadly time to head back to the airport and then drive home. Surprisingly I didn’t cry on the way home but I painfully miss Disneyland right now! As I said at the beginning of this post I’m already planning our next trip back. We both had such an incredible time, it was everything I dreamt it would be and our lives had completely changed while we were there! It’s still my favourite place on earth and I can’t wait to go back.

Disneyland Disneyland Disneyland

I hope you enjoyed this post! Remeber if you want to see the parades, shows and Disney Illuminations check out my vlog below. Have you ever been to Disneyland Paris? What’s your favourite part?


  • zaralouki

    June 3, 2018 at 6:06 pm

    Yes I’ve been to Disneyland back in 2016 and it was such an encredible experience for me! I had so much fun and I wanted to stay there forever!! I even wrote a blog post about my adventure there, If you have time please check it out 🙂 https://zara543.wordpress.com/2018/02/21/my-adventure-in-disneyland-paris/

  • danniijane

    June 3, 2018 at 6:43 pm

    Aaw great post. I’m glad you had an awesome time! It made me reminsce about my trip? Also congratulations on getting engaged? x

    1. Hollie

      June 3, 2018 at 9:42 pm

      Disneyland is amazing, I just want to go back now haha thank you ? xx

  • Tasha Louise

    June 3, 2018 at 7:55 pm

    Aw what a fabulous trip and amazing photos! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris once and am dying to go back! Love how magical it is there, my favourite rides are It’s A Small World, Ratatouille and the buzz lightyear one! Must have been so amazing to get engaged there, can’t wait to read all about it and congratulations again! X

    1. Hollie

      June 3, 2018 at 9:44 pm

      I’m dying to go back too! I love the Ratatouille ride, I was so disappointed that it broke down while we were there. ? Thank you, it was perfect! ??

  • NunziaDreams

    June 4, 2018 at 5:59 am

    Wow, it sounds like you had such a wonderful time!! ??You and your boyfriend look so cute together!! Congrats on getting engaged, that’s so exciting!! Really enjoyed your post, Hollie!! ?

    1. Hollie

      June 4, 2018 at 12:42 pm

      It was amazing, trying to convince my boyfriend to go back this year ? thank you so much! ??

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