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May 2, 2020
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Unfortunately packing a bag and heading to Disneyland Paris isn’t an option right now. But, spending hours scrolling through beautifully curated Disney themed Instagram feeds is practically the next best thing! Here are some of my favourite, inspirational Disney Instagram accounts:

1.) @Waltswanderers

Walts Wanderers is probably my favourite Disneyland Paris themed Instagram account right now. Their feed is honestly just so magical! I always look forward to seeing their posts pop up when I’m scrolling. They capture the most amazing, fun, lighthearted pictures of the characters and princesses, plus areas around the park and of course the castle. It’s such a happy account to follow that always reminds me of my love for Disneyland Paris.

Waltswanders Disney Instagram Accounts

2.) @Thefairytale.traveler

The Fairytale Traveler has such a cute, fun feed! I’ve been following this account for the longest time now, back when it was under a different name and I never tire of her posts. I always look forward to seeing her magical pictures of characters, princesses and beloved scenery. Her feed really gives me the urge to book a trip immediately.

the fairytale traveler disney instagram

3.) @Thegirlatpoohcorner

The Girl at Pooh Corner is an account I’ve only recently discovered and started following but I’m in love with it! Her feed is absolutely stunning. I love the way she edits her photos. She makes them just so warm and magical and really captures the essence of Disney!

the girl at pooh corner disney instagram

4.) @Pixiedustandchurros

This is another account that I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with. Pixiedust and Churros posts beautiful pictures form the Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai parks. Her feed is full of the characters and princesses and they’re all so beautiful. It’s such a happy feed that really brightens my day.

pixiedust and churros disney instagram

5.) @ED92magic

Every Disneyland Paris fan needs to be following ED92 Magic! This account provides constant updates about the park and events. I’ve been following them for quite some time on both Twitter and Instagram and I’ve learned so much about the park! They’re a great account to follow for when you’re over there too as they do live stories and updates which can be super useful to know such as when characters are out, where they are and what special parades are happening.

ed92 disney instagram

Those are my top 5 inspirational Disney Instagram accounts. These types of accounts are some of my favourites to follow so if you have any other recommendations please leave them down below!

My fiance and I are both Disneyland Paris obsessed and have been trying to plan our next trip once it’s safe to travel again. We’re really hoping to be able to go next April/May time so fingers crossed! Disneyland really is the happiest place on earth and I can’t wait for it to be open again so all of these accounts can capture new content and fill our feeds with pure joy.

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  • crystalsandcurls

    May 3, 2020 at 6:02 am

    Oh wow these are all freaking adorable! I love Disneyland Paris xx

    1. Hollie

      May 4, 2020 at 4:08 pm

      They really are! ? Oh me too, I can’t wait to go back again!

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