Making Goals for 2023

January 7, 2023
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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fun and joyful Christmas and that 2023 brings you all the good things.

I’m looking forward to this year and hope to achieve some goals for 2023. I prefer making goals rather than resolutions. And that those goals be somewhat small to make them more achievable. I try to make goals that will help to improve my life and make me happier overall. So, here are my top goals for 2023.

Read 20 Books

Last year I achieved my goal of reading 15 books, and this year I’m upping it to 20. As I’m quite a slow reader and tend to read books that are over 500 pages, reading 20 will definitely be a challenge. Currently, I’m reading the latest Zodiac Academy book, Sorrow and Starlight, which is around 1200 pages. And next, I plan on finishing the Plated Prisoner series. I can’t wait to discover even more amazing books this year and get my hands on some new releases too. I have both Cursed Crowns and Gold on pre-order, which I’m super excited about! Keep up with my progress by adding me on Goodreads.

Be More Consistent with Blogging

Having a consistent blog schedule is hard. Especially when my evenings and weekends are usually so packed. I started blogging consistently again in December and loved it. I really missed having this little space all to myself to write and review and share my thoughts, feeling and opinions with you all. Blogging is not only fun but a great outlet too. I have a few upcoming posts planned and scheduled. And, since I hope to have a bit more time this year, I want to attempt to do Blogtober and Blogmas again too. Wish me luck! 

Slow Down

This is my biggest goal for 2023. 2022 was a busy year, with every single weekend packed with plans, activities, events and obligations. We also had 2 very big holidays toward the end of the year, Mauritius and Florida, which were both amazing but so stressful to plan. Plus, Florida/Disneyworld isn’t exactly the most chilled-out trip. To put it simply, I’m exhausted. I felt very burnt out in November/December.

In 2023, I want to slow down. I don’t want to be on the go all the time. Something I’ve learned is very difficult not to do since moving from the country to the city. I want to have more weekends at home with no plans, more spontaneity and more time, in general, to blog, read and relax. 2023 is the year of slow living for me, of being cosy, and content and happy. 

Let me know in the comments what your goals for 2023 are. 

Also, check out last year’s goals I set myself, most of which I managed to achieve!

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