My Current Favourite TikTokers to Watch

January 13, 2021
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My Current Favourite TikTokers to Watch

During the first lockdown, all the way back in March 2019, I, like many others, decided to download Tik Tok. I was pretty reluctant to download it, thinking it was mainly for teenagers and all I ever saw was people dancing which I wasn’t that interested in. But, after seeing a few, hilarious, Tik Tok videos being shared on Twitter I thought I’d give it a go. Now, I’m completely addicted! I watch Tik Tok every night before bed and it really cheers me up after a long day just watching people being a bit silly. Today, I thought I’d share some of my current favourite TikTokers to watch that never fail to bring a smile to my face!


Cecilia lives on Svalbard, an island close to the North Pole and her videos are both beautiful and fascinating. I’m obsessed with her content and would absolutely love to visit Svalbard one day. She posts videos all about daily life in the North Pole, the cabin where she lives with her boyfriend and dog, what she does for a living, the glaciers she visits and the hikes she goes on. It seems like such an incredible place!

sejsejlija tiktokers to watch


This girl’s videos make me laugh so much. Whenever they pop up on my FYP page it always brings a smile to my face. They’re short, simple but very funny and often pretty heartwarming too. She’s honestly such a pure soul and I’d really recommend giving her a follow if you want your day to be perked up a little. With over 7 million followers already she extremely popular and it’s very easy to understand why!

yoleendadong tiktokers to watch

Ryan Maxwell

Ryan Maxwell is another creator that just brings me pure joy and never fails to make me laugh. I always look forward to his videos and his series ‘dumb stuff from the internet’ is actual gold. He also reacts to a lot of Yoleendadong’s content which is always hilarious. Again, he’s just a really pure and wholesome person and can make my day brighter.

ryan.maxwell22 tiktokers to watch

OG Bonnie Prince

I binge-watch all of these videos on a fairly regular basis and still laugh every single time. If you’re a fan of the TV series Outlander then you need to follow this account. I don’t actually know her real name, but, basically, she is currently watching Outlander for the first time and reacting to it and it’s just amazing. I always look forward to seeing her reactions to certain dramatic moments as she always makes me laugh. And, I hope once she’s finished Outlander she’ll react to another show.

OG Bonnie Prince tiktokers to watch


Tega is another reaction content creator who finds the best food videos, some of the weirdest videos and the most beautiful videos too. She seems like such a lovely supportive person and she’s so funny too. One video of her watching someone making a clay vase absolutely killed me! If you need something uplifting to watch, Teagareacts is the perfect account!

tegareacts tiktokers to watch


Maddy is a doctor/hilarious TikToker who’s not afraid to laugh and make a fool of herself. Her videos are so random but they’re always funny and entertaining. One of my favourites is her showing off a very old dressing gown that she got a lot of comments on. As a doctor, she also has a few educational videos all about the Covid vaccine. But, mainly it’s her having fun and being silly and I love it!

maddylucydann tiktokers to watch

Those are all my current favourite TikTokers. Let me know if you’re a fan of any of these creators or which creator you’re loving and think I should check out.

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