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March 24, 2018
british tag

If you weren’t already aware, I am British. That was probably a really obvious statement. This tag has been around for us Brits for years, but it seems to be circulating around the blogosphere again and I thought I’d join in since it looked really fun!


1.) How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?

Not to offend every British person reading this, but I don’t actually like tea. I know what you’re thinking. How can I call myself British if I don’t like tea! I’ve tried it quite a few times but it’s just not for me. However, I do take 3 sugars in my hot chocolate…I have a very large sweet tooth, don’t judge me!


2.) Favourite part of your roast?

Hands down roast potatoes are my favourite part unless it’s a Christmas roast, then it’d be pigs in blankets. I love a seasoned potato that’s golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy inside with a bit of gravy poured over them. Roast dinners are a truly glorious thing!

3.) Favourite dunking biscuit?

As we’ve established I don’t like tea, or coffee for that matter, but when I was younger my grandparents would make me a cuppa just so I can dunk a biscuit. A chocolate bourbon is my biscuit of choice, which can be quite controversial, I will also dunk chocolate biscuits into hot chocolate….again, very large sweet tooth.


4.) Favourite quintessentially British past time?

I do enjoy afternoon tea, scones with the jam first, obviously, little finger sandwiches and cake, I mean what’s not to love?! Also, a full English breakfast is pure heaven and something I like to have when I’m hungover and attempting to have a barbeque in the summer without it raining is a fun challenge and a huge achievement.

5.) Favourite word?

I say ‘tad’ quite a lot, as in “it’s a tad chilly outside,” “I’m a tad annoyed,” etc. I also like ‘gurt lush’ which is more of a Somerset slang meaning that something is very good and I think ‘Cheerio’ is adorable.


6.) Cockney rhyme slang?

I don’t really know much, none of my family is from London but I know the easy ones like ‘apple and pears’ (stairs) ‘porky pies’ (lies) ‘tea leaf’ (thief) and ‘hank marvin’ (starving)

7.) Favourite sweet?

Sherbert Lemons, coca cola bottles, strawberry laces, jelly babies, wine gums, kinder eggs and of course the infamous Freddo’s!  Honestly, the list could go on forever.

8.) What would your pub be called?

I have absolutely no idea. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about this for hours and I’ve got nothing. I loved Simply Em’s Blog answer which was ‘The Jacket Potato’ so I’ll just steal that haha.

9.) No.1 British person

I mean David Attenborough, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are all national treasures that need to be protected at all costs! I’ve recently been binge watching The Crown too so I’ve become more of a royalist and really admire the Queen too.

10.) Favourite shop/restaurant?

I can’t think of a favourite British shop, I like all the cute, quirky shops you find down the Brighton Lanes or around Bath. My favourite British restaurant would have to be Sally Lunn’s in Bath, it’s the only place I go when I’m there!

11.) What British song pops into your head?

Wannabe – Spice Girls. Any Spice Girls song really.

12.) Marmite?

The vilest thing ever invented! Why is marmite a thing?!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to do this tag too, hopefully you can come up with better answers than I did haha.


  • Jen xo

    March 26, 2018 at 11:00 am

    I haven’t seen the British tag before! Fun to read ? I hate dunking biscuits in tea because I can’t eat anything soggy ? and Iv never had an afternoon tea but they look so fancy and cute x

    1. Hollie

      March 30, 2018 at 7:22 pm

      Ahhh dunking biscuits is a very fine art! You have to find the perfect time to take it out so it’s not too soggy ? Afternoon tea is definitely a fancy thing haha, the food is always really good and dainty. You should definitely experience it one day ? x

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