9 Things I Love About Spring!

March 28, 2018

Spring is well and truly here! The sun is out, chocolate is being consumed by the masses and birds are tweeting in the mornings. We should all know by now that autumn is my favourite season and I am always counting down the days. I long for a world where it’s autumn all year round. After autumn, however, spring is my favourite and I’ve made a list of 9 things that I love most about the season!


1.) Baby Animals

Bunnies, ducklings, hedgehogs, lambs all arrive into the world and living in the countryside I’m lucky enough to be able to see them all fairly frequently. I love seeing little lambs jumping around and tiny ducklings following their mother. It’s just an overload of cute.


2.) Easter

My family and I are not overly religious but we do celebrate Easter. We go overboard on buying each other chocolate and my mother has always bought me and my sister a little Easter gift. We tend to spend the day stuffing our faces until we feel sick and watching cosy, family movies like Harry Potter.


3.) Longer Days

I’m a bit of an odd one out as I prefer the darker mornings and evenings. However, I am still looking forward to leaving work while it’s still quite sunny out and feeling like I have some of the day left to enjoy. We sometimes go up to a place called Ham Hill, which is a little country park with a cute pub and amazing views, for a couple of drinks after work and an ice-cream. It’s just really relaxing.

spring ham hill

4.) Flowers

Spring is an extremely pretty season. All the daffodils and tulips are out, the leaves are growing back, flowers are blooming and everything is so colourful.

spring flowers

5.) Spring Clothes

If you’ve read any of my clothing hauls or fashion wishlists then you’ll know that I love a floral pattern and now is the perfect time for it! As much as I love winter and layers it does feel nice to be able to go out without a coat on and to wear cute little spring dresses and thinner jumpers. Really it’s just an excuse for me to buy a whole new wardrobe!

6.) Sunny Days


I despise the heat. Summer is my least favourite season because it’s way too hot and I always end up burning or feeling sick and dizzy, even if I’ve only been out for a couple hours. Spring, however, is a perfect temperature. I love seeing the blue skies with a couple of white clouds and feeling the comfortably warm sun on my face and a nice cool breeze to ensure I don’t get overly heated. As soon as the weather get’s above 20 degrees though I am hiding inside with the air-con on waiting for Autumn to arrive.


7.) More Days Out

Autumn and winter are all about cosy nights in, but spring is a time to start experiencing the world and travelling more. I love planning sunny days out to the zoo, country parks, London and seaside towns and driving to these places with the sunroof down and music blasting.

8.) The First Beach Trip

I love the beach so much and we’re lucky enough that we live very close to a lot of them. A lot of the beaches take about 30-45 minutes for us to get to so we can easily pop down after work and relax for a bit. West Bay is always a favourite to go to as soon as the sun appears. We’ll walk along the sea with an ice cream or fish and chips, feel the breeze and smell the ocean air and it just makes me feel so content.


9.) Darker Skin and Lighter Hair

Finally, my skin will start to get a golden glow! I don’t tan much, as I said before I usually just burn, but places like my forearms, legs and feet do get slighter darker. Also being naturally blonde my hair gets a lot lighter when the sun comes out which makes me very happy!

spring makeup


I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your favourite things about spring?


  • danniijane

    March 30, 2018 at 11:08 am

    I can’t wait for a seaside day? It’s one of my fave things about spring and the warmer weather x

    1. Hollie

      March 30, 2018 at 7:20 pm

      Me either, I love the beach, it’s so relaxing and just makes me happy. ? x

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