Why I Love My 9-5 and Hated Retail!

May 23, 2018
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Earlier this year I got a new job in Digital Marketing, it was my very first office job and I was ecstatic to wave my two jobs in retail goodbye! I’ve been in this role for four months now and have come to the conclusion that, despite the bad reputation the 9-5 office jobs seem to have, I love it. Of course, an office job isn’t for everyone but today I thought I’d share with you all the reasons why I love my desk job and couldn’t wait to get out retail!


1.) Weekends

I live for the weekends! For the productive Saturdays and the lazy Sundays. Every single week I know that I have two, socially acceptable set days off where I can make plans and have something to look forward to. Last year I worked one retail job during the week and another on weekends, I believe during the entire year I had 5/6 Sunday’s off. It also wasn’t uncommon for me to work 7/8/9/10 days straight before I got a day off. This made things very difficult for my boyfriend as he works in an office in London so when he came down on weekends to see me I would still have to work and he would have to hang around and wait until I’d finished. It’s really is a wonderful thing to not have my days off constantly changing at the last minute if someone calls in sick or it’s busier than expected.

2.) New Skills

I work in the marketing side of a graphic and web design company. To start with my role began as a Social Media Executive where I was constantly learning new things, now that role has expanded and I also work to improve website’s SEO and even write blog posts! I am constantly picking up new and useful skills that I never thought I’d be able to learn. I can now use the basics of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, I’m learning more about SEO every day while still learning new things about Social Media. There’s just always something new and exciting to learn so there’s not often a dull moment, whereas in retail there wasn’t much to learn other than dressing mannequins, styling to fit someone’s body shape and how to cash up at the end of the day. Needless to say, there were a lot of boring moments in retail and honestly, when I knew I was going to be the only person on the shop floor all day I would take a book in and read at the till.

3.) Consistent Income

Money can be a bit of a taboo subject but I want to be completely honest here. With two jobs in retail and masses of overtime, I barely made £500 a month. I’m not saying that’s anything to be ashamed about and I know that is a lot of money to some, but personally, it wasn’t enough for me to get by. When all of my expenses came out which included the rent I pay my mum, my phone bill, ISA savings and I had to constantly buy new clothes for uniform as we were only allowed to wear the latest clothes, I was often left with about £20 in the bank, sometimes less than that. It was also never consistent, every single month I had to work out how much I had made and it was a real pain. Now I have a regular income and it has jumped up massively, my expenses have also increased as I now pay my mum more, have joined a gym and booked a holiday, but still after all of my outgoings I’m left with just over £700 for the rest of the month to spend on what I damn well want and it feels incredible! Money can’t buy happiness but it really does help.

4.)  Regular Sleeping Pattern

For five days a week, I go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time. I know exactly how much sleep I need to get to feel rested. I’m no longer staying up till 2am and waking up at 10am for a shift that starts at 1:30pm or struggling to go to bed early to get up for a 9am shift. Despite having longer hours now I am more rested than I was when working in retail because I actually have a regular sleeping pattern and it’s done wonders for my physical and mental health. Of course, now my body clock just naturally wakes me up at 6:30 on weekends but that just means I get to spend more time enjoying the hours in the weekend.

5.) Bank Holidays

Since I left uni in 2015 I have not experienced a bank holiday. Sometimes my day off fell on a Monday but I would’ve worked the whole weekend before so it wasn’t anything special. Now I can experience the full excitement, wonder and possibility that a bank holiday brings! I can spend all day on Saturday writing blog posts and still have two days off to relax. I can make more plans and I can drink on a Saturday night, spend the whole of Sunday recovering and still have the Monday off to do something fun! Plus when I go back to work it’s only four days until the weekend again.

6.) Christmas and Easter

Again since leaving uni this was the first year I got the whole Easter weekend off and it was everything I dreamed it would be. I baked Easter treats, got a lot of blogging done, relaxed, spent time with my boyfriend and family and of course ate mountains of chocolate. We all know Christmas is my favourite time of year and despite doing Blogmas last year I really wasn’t feeling the spirit. It’s so difficult to get in the Christmas mood when I’m working overtime and late nights, which included Christmas Eve to get the Boxing Day sales ready, and then working Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day too. Many retail workers have to work crazy hours over the holidays and it just completely sucks the joy out of it. I made a vow to never, ever go into town and be one of those a**holes who shops on Boxing Day. Whatever it is, it can wait. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET A REFUND ON BOXING DAY. Thankfully my office closes on the 23rd of December and opens again on the 2nd of January, you cannot imagine my excitement for Christmas this year!

7.) Set Routine

My day will generally go like this:

6am: Wake up.

8am: Get into work.

5:30pm: Leave work.

6pm: Gym.

7pm: Home and shower.

8pm: Dinner and tv.

10pm: Bed.

I love having a routine, knowing what I’ll be doing, being able to have a plan that isn’t going to be changed at the last minute, and making the most of my day and free time. I feel very productive and fulfiled most days and then I have the weekends to really relax and chill out.

8.) Friday Feeling

The Friday feeling is real and it’s magical. I never understood that feeling in retail and I was always so envious when I saw it trending on Twitter, I actually used to try and avoid going on Twitter on Friday’s because it made me so miserable. Now I completely understand. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted and you have the entire weekend to do with what you please. Everyone in the office is happy and chattier, asking everyone our weekend plans and there’s just a joyous atmosphere in the air.

9.) Cake

Leading on from the Friday feeling, every Friday in my office we take in turns to bring in some kind of baked good, which makes Friday’s even better! A couple weeks ago someone baked chocolate brownies, my weakness, and I indulged in 4! It’s not just the cake though, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Although you do have to be careful not to overdo it. Very occasionally I’ll have a bag of Milky Bar Buttons on my desk for the afternoon or someone will randomly bring in doughnuts and everyone’s faces light up. In retail, we weren’t allowed to eat on the shop floor and had to dive in the stock room for a quick snack after asking permission, which was sometimes refused.


10.) No Customers

Probably the best thing about no longer working in retail is the fact that I no longer have to deal with customers on a day to day basis. I have clients who’s Social Media accounts I run, but I don’t see them, I couldn’t tell you what they look like, I don’t even speak to them on the phone, instead, we email back and forth and it’s so much nicer! If a client becomes irritating I can just leave the email for a little while and reply later, if a client emails at 5pm on a Friday I can ignore it until Monday morning and if I’m not sure how to reply to a question I can type out several drafts and send it to other people to check. It’s an introverts dream! No one is patronisingly asking to speak to a manager, or calling me a liar or reducing me to tears. No customers = a very happy Hollie.


Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this post to be so long! Well done you if you read it all. As I’m sure you can tell I am much happier in my 9-5 office job, with more money I’m able to experience more things and enjoy more of what life has to offer, my boyfriend and I don’t have anything getting in the way when it comes to seeing each other on weekends and my future looks a lot brighter. Obviously, I am lucky enough to be working in an industry that I am interested in whereas some people aren’t, but in my opinion, anything is better than the horror of retail!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What kind of environment do you work in? Do you enjoy your job?


  • Tasha Louise

    May 25, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    Great post! This is exactly how I felt 6 years ago when I started my first office job after working as a manager in Wetherspoons for 5 years! I still love the Friday feeling but hate the Sunday dread that starts around 8pm! Your new job sounds fab, glad your enjoying it and settling into office life! X

    1. Hollie

      May 27, 2018 at 4:12 pm

      Yes! I always feel the dread around 8pm too haha that’s when the reality of going back to work really sinks in! Thank you! ?

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